Any-Itis NEAT and Any-Itis RTU

Every dis-ease condition in a body will have inflammation associated with it - so it is greatly important that inflammation is addressed.  Whether your dog is a canine athlete, your horse is an aged senior, or your cow has a swollen udder; inflammation is a certain part of the symptoms at hand.  Addressing any "-itis" condition your animal may be experiencing - in a whole and complete manner is very important in promoting holistic health.  This can include diet, nutritional supplements, exercise, massage, acupuncture, essential oils, and more to complete your animal's health picture.

Why is it called Any-Itis NEAT?  NEAT refers to the fact that this blend is created from non-diluted essential oils.  So, there is no carrier oil (Fractionated Coconut Oil) within this blend.  With this fact in mind, this is a stronger essential oil blend, more appropriate for use with dogs, horses, and most "larger" animals.  For cats, birds, exotics, and smaller animals - we have created blends which are more appropriate to use.

It is always important to work with your veterinarian for an accurate diagnosis, and for full health advice.  In Dr. Shelton's veterinary work, she routinely uses Any-Itis for animals who would benefit from improved joint function and movement, are sore due to hunting, competition, or athletic exertion, and so much more!*  Any-Itis (both NEAT and RTU) has been safely used alongside all veterinary medications and protocols.

Although a Any-Itis NEAT can be diffused, it is not generally used for this application.

Specific instructions for...

Birds & Exotics:  We recommend the use of CritterBoost or Any-Itis RTU for these species.

Cats:  We recommend the use of KittyBoost for felines.

Dogs:  For most dogs Any-Itis NEAT will be used orally.  For topical use, we recommend Any-Itis RTU or New Mobility RTU.

  • For smaller dogs (under 35 pounds), the use of Any-Itis RTU (see below) is preferred for ingestion. When adding Any-Itis NEAT to foods, keep in mind that some dogs may not be fond of the taste.  For every 50 pounds of body weight, 1-3 drops of Any-Itis NEAT can be added to foods (we recommend softened and wet foods) and fed twice a day.  Start with small amounts, and gradually build up to the desired amount.  Long term use can be utilized when needed.  This is a wonderful blend for dogs with joint and back discomfort or other chronic musculoskeletal issues.  The ideal route is ingestion - and you may find that diluting the Any-Itis NEAT within Fish Oils, Raw Coconut Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, or other fatty oils or food mixtures that you add into your dogs' diet - will help dissipate any intense taste resulting from a single drop landing in your dogs' food. 

Horses, Livestock, & Larger Animals:  

  • Any-Itis NEAT can be used orally by dripping directly into the mouth, or mixed with foods or water.  Most of these animals really like the flavor (Peppermint in nature), and it is not difficult to administer.  For most large animals - approximately 1 drop per 100-200 pounds of body weight twice a day is used.  On average a horse or cow will get 5 drops twice a day and a goat may get 2-3 drops twice a day.  It is always best to start with 1 drop, no matter what size animal you are dealing with, and take a few days to gradually increase the amount.
  • Topical use of Any-Itis NEAT:  This blend is wonderful for many conditions in larger animals; muscle soreness, hoof and joint conditions, almost any uncomfortable condition.  This blend can be dripped directly onto hooves or massaged onto sites of concern as needed. Often 5 or more drops can be placed into your hands, and after you rub your hands together, massage onto the area of discomfort (sore back, legs, hips, etc...).  Any-Itis NEAT can also be diluted for topical use, in Fractionated Coconut Oil - or the use of Any-Itis RTU is also very effective when used topically - even in larger animals.


Any-Itis NEAT

Ingredients:  Essential Oils of Copaiba (Copaiba officinalis), Helichrysum (H. italicum), Peppermint (Mentha piperita)

Any-Itis NEAT is an undiluted combination of some of the most powerful and beneficial essential oils available.  Copaiba has research showing its powerful effects - while at the same time it is almost odorless, tasteless, and very mild in nature.  Dr. Shelton has used Copaiba Essential Oil as part of many protocols in her veterinary practice to help soothe achy joints and muscles and to enhance the body's natural healing process; often allowing her patients to avoid the use of chronic medications.*

Combining Copaiba with the amazing oils of Helichrysum (which is regarded for supporting nervous system repair, reduction of discomfort, support of over-all healing, as well as aiding in all sorts of circulation issues) and Peppermint (which also soothes achy joints and muscles, enhances the effects of other oils, and is useful in gastrointestinal conditions)* - Any-Itis NEAT delivers amazing results.


Any-Itis RTU

Ingredients:  Fractionated Coconut Oil, Essential Oils of Copaiba (Copaifera officinalis), Helichrysum (H. italicum), Peppermint (Mentha piperita)

Any-Itis RTU contains the same great oils as Any-Itis NEAT, however properly diluted, is virtually tasteless, and is a great alternative for finicky animals or smaller animals.  Incredibly mild, it is also an excellent option to use if your dog is not particularly fond of the taste of Dog Breath.

Specific instructions for...

Birds & Exotics:  Any-Itis RTU can be added to food for easy oral administration.  Start with 1 drop mixed into a Tablespoon of soft moist foods.  Mix well and offer fresh food twice a day.  When indicated, Any-Itis RTU can also be used with Petting Techniques to areas of concern.  For example, if a chicken has a sore joint or foot, 1-3 drops of Any-Itis RTU could be massaged into the foot or leg area.  With some birds or fowl - adding Any-Itis to drinking water has been used quite successfully.  Please read fully about adding essential oils to Drinking Water HERE.  

Cats:  Although Any-Itis RTU "could" be used with cats, all of the oils that are in Any-Itis are contained within the KittyBoost - and cats enjoy the application of the KittyBoost so much more - we recommend using it instead.  Ingestion is still achieved with use of KittyBoost during grooming - and is usually more than adequate for our feline friends.  In some cases, the addition of Any-Itis RTU to foods can be considered when additional help with inflammation is desired, and is generally administered in the same doses recommended for Exotic Animals above.  For cats who live with dogs, occasionally a cat will drink from water containing essential oils, or even sneak a bite or two (or more in the case of my Bengal) of foods containing Any-Itis.  We have never found this to be an issue, and for the most part, we tend to not add essential oils to cat food or water - due more to the fact that cats are a bit (or a lot) more picky and opinionated!  However, we at animalEO believe that you should use the easiest route of administration, that is still the most effective, for all animals.  So if most cats prefer topical KittyBoost applications for inflammatory support - this will be our primary recommendation for you! 

Dogs:  My preferred method to use Any-Itis for dogs, is certainly by adding to food twice a day.  For dogs smaller than 35 pounds - or for those who are particularly sensitive to smells, oils, or flavors - Any-Itis RTU is perfect!  When adding to foods, keep in mind that some dogs may not be fond of the taste.  For every 10 pounds of body weight, 1-3 drops can be added to foods (we recommend softened and wet foods) and fed twice a day.  Start with small amounts, and gradually build up to the desired amount.  Long term use can be utilized when needed - and many dogs have been utilizing this blend twice a day for years.  This is a wonderful blend for dogs with achy joints, back, or muscles, or with other chronic issues - and the ideal route is ingestion.  Any-Itis RTU can also be used with massage or Petting Techniques over areas of pain or discomfort - however I do prefer New Mobility RTU when strictly topical application is desired.  Just place several drops (3-5 or more is fine) into your hands, rub them together lightly to distribute oils over your hands, and pet over the area of concern.  This can be repeated as needed, usually 1-3 times a day, depending on need.  When needed, both oral administration and topical administration can be used.  Any-Itis RTU is safe to be given with other medications, anti-inflammatories, and joint supplements.

Horses, Livestock, & Larger Animals:  Any-Itis RTU is mainly used in topical applications for these animals - follow the instructions for dogs for topical use.  Any-Itis NEAT is recommended when oral administration is desired.  Please see instructions above.