Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

  • My bottle is so small!  Chances are, you ordered a 2mL bottle.  They are small - but so very cute!  However, 2mL is still 2mL of liquid - and although it might make you feel better to see your product come in a bigger bottle - we love our "baby bluies" - and they are perfect for travel and for when you want to try out a new essential oil without a larger purchase.
  • How big is a sample?  Our samples generally contain 0.55mL in each glass vial.  It can be difficult to get just "one drop" from a sample vial (which are the small glass perfume-type vials) - and so we recommend purchasing a set of Transfer Pipettes from our Order Accessories page if you need to measure drops.​
  • I just placed an order and need to change something!  If you have an order that needs to be changed, we generally can do this.  Your best route to contact us with ordering issues - is to email us directly at and place a large capitalized ORDER ISSUE in the subject heading.  Contacting us through our "Contact Us" form can cause delays and missed emails when our email traffic is heavy.  Please make sure to include your full name and especially the last name that the order was placed under - as we will search for all email communications related to a specific order (by last name) prior to processing an order.  While not an exact science, we usually do pretty well!
  • How do I print out your website?  I want paper instructions!  This is a work in progress for us.  Although we would all love to have written instructions and papers at times, it is not feasible for each product to come with written paperwork for each shipment.  Not only would it be cost prohibitive and raise the final prices of the products, it would also be quite wasteful in regards to repeat orders that are simply not in need of another set of written instructions. Currently, we recommend highlighting the segment you would like to print - and right clicking your mouse to select the "print" option.  For most computers - this option will work well for you.  However, occasionally some find it necessary to copy and paste the selected items into a word document for printing.  In the future, we do plan to have printable PDF sheets which may also be able to be ordered with the products as desired.
  • I emailed you...and you never got back to me!  What's the deal?  While we wish we could answer everyone's questions one on one - it is important to recognize that thousands of other people email Dr. Shelton as well.  Whether using animalEO products or not, Dr. Shelton has become the "go-to" person when questions regarding essential oils and animals come about.  Whether you are a veterinarian, regular consumer, or concerned pet owner - Dr. Shelton strives to provide as much information as possible on our website - so that she does not have to repeat the answers to commonly asked questions. We ask that you please bear with us as we try to increase our educational materials and ability to answer emails and voicemail more effectively.  If Dr. Shelton is traveling or cannot be by her computer for a few days (such as an actual weekend off...what's that???) - hundreds of emails can pile up in her inbox - making it literally impossible to get out from underneath the mountain - as more emails pour in while an older one is answered.  If you have not heard back, it is most likely that Dr. Shelton or her staff, purely did not see your email.  And we do encourage you to email us again - don't worry, we don't feel pestered, and are thankful for the repeat contact!
  • I am concerned about the Temperatures during shipping!!!  Please read this past newsletter by CLICKING HERE - regarding hot and cold temperature extremes and essential oils.
  • When will my order arrive?  We strive to ship out your order as quickly as possible.  Please allow 3-5 business days for us to process your order - and another 1-3 business days for the actual shipping of your package.  You can log into your PayPal account and track the package.  If you notice we are having a sale, or other promotions that may increase our order volume temporarily, it is a good idea to plan on a little longer times for shipping.
  • Will I get order or shipping confirmations?  We do not send additional confirmations beyond the email that you receive from PayPal when you order.  When we generate your shipping label for your shipment, you "should" get an email notification - however, some of these are spammed, go into a junk folder, or may have an inaccurate email address.
  • How many drops are in the bottles?  This really varies with each individual essential oil or blend.  If the oil is very thin, more drops are often associated with a given liquid measurement.  On average you can expect approximately 40-50 drops in a 2mL bottle, 85-100 drops in a 5mL bottle, and 300 or so drops in a 15mL bottle.  These of course are not exact, nor guaranteed.  There are also different sized holes (orifices) that can be used for the dropper inserts, and this also controls the size of the drop and how fast it flows from a bottle.