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Our Mission for Animals - A Message from Dr. Melissa Shelton...

I have been involved with Essential Oils for animals for many years.  And even before my introduction into the aromatherapy world, there has been a level of controversy regarding the use of essential oils with animals, especially cats.  It became my passion and mission to truly figure out if essential oils were harmful or helpful.  Through the work in my holistic veterinary clinic, I collected any data I could on toxicity reports, and also on cases that had proven beneficial results.  To me, the results could not be ignored.  Truly wonderful things could come by the proper use of high quality essential oils.

I have always felt protective of my patients.  Only wanting the best for them.  When I would recommend the use of essential oils for an animal, it always came with a level of caution.  What if the animal caregiver used a poor quality oil along with my recommendation?  What if an animal was harmed?  Over the years, I felt comfortable with just recommending one brand of essential oils, in an attempt to remedy this potential situation. But, the honest truth is, I could never monitor every essential oil released by any company.  And, there would always be essential oil singles and blends, that being created with humans in mind, were just not appropriate to use with animals, unless strict instructions and guidelines were followed.

animalEO remedies all of these issues.  Every essential oil single that goes into an animalEO product is personally evaluated by myself, to ensure that every property is as perfect as it can be.  Year to year, essential oils are harvested and distilled.  Have you ever made a loaf of bread, and then made it again but it was slightly different?  This is natural variation.  However, it can mean that with essential oils, one distillation and harvest can yield a beautiful result - while the following year - the next harvest results in "a loaf of bread destined for the garbage..."  I have evolved to feeling the most reassured when people use my recommendations for animals - with the fact that I have evaluated the very essential oil they are going to use!  Once the oil has been in my hands - held, smelled, used, and approved - This just feels right!

The next major concern that animalEO addresses, is the fact that using human-intended essential oil singles and blends, have no instructions for the proper use regarding animals.  Being able to provide a product that will actually carry the proper use recommendations for cats, dogs, horses, cows, exotics, or any animal - is of huge importance.  It is true that not every animal should use every animalEO product.  Just because the products are "for animals", does not mean that the same product intended for dogs, should be used with birds.  Being able to have accurate recommendations for the animals that the product is intended for - will advance animal aromatherapy greatly - and keep animals everywhere, safer and healthier!

What are Essential Oils?

And why should you care?

You may have found this site by looking for a health alternative for your animal.  You may have found this site because you already use essential oils for yourself or your human family, and would love to use them with your animals too...but need to know "how" to use them.

There are a few important things to understand about essential oils and their use in animals - before you ever get started.