Directions for use:

For Birds & Exotics:  Away RTU Drops can be used directly from the bottle, for all sorts of concerns such as ear mites in Ferrets, leg mites on birds, feather mites on chicken vents, and even for other insect repelling needs.  Obviously, for birds, with any blend that is contained within Fractionated Coconut Oil (a fatty oil) - we do not want to get feathers "greasy" or oily.  While a bird with a featherless area may tolerate an application of a diluted blend within coconut oil, in general it is best to avoid these oils with feathers.  We have other solutions for our feathered friends - including Feathered and Feathered Plus Sprays.  And even the original Away can be made into a water mist if needed (please see the product page for Away for more information on that).  For Ferrets with ear mites - apply approximately 2 drops of Away RTU drops to the ears, twice a day for at least 14 days.  Please evaluate with your veterinarian, and treat according to responses seen.  You may need to treat longer based on ear smear results.  We always recommend a treatment for the full body as well - please apply KittyBoost or a similar blend to the entire body, to help your Ferret rid itself of ear mites (they don't only live within the ears!)

For Chickens with mites - I have applied Away RTU Drops to the vent area (or feet) twice a day as needed to address various mites and bugs.  Again, I try to not get my chickens super greasy - and will rely on a water-mist made with the original Away in some circumstances.  For some of our chickens who require bathing - I will make Away Shampoo when there are insect concerns - and this is highly effective.  Please see the Shampoo Page for more information on including essential oils within a natural shampoo (also great for Ferrets!)

Rabbits and other small exotic animals (hedgehogs, snakes, lizards, guinea pigs, rodents...) with any sort of insect parasite concern, can also use Away RTU Drops as discussed above.  Basically - as long as your species is fine with the "greasy" coconut oil component, this is the perfect blend for some topical applications for mites, lice, and other insect issues.  Rabbits with Cheyletiella mites - will benefit from Away Water-Mist Sprays, Away Shampoo baths, and spot applications of Away RTU Drops.  Away RTU Drops could also be instilled into their ears, or a few drops applied to your hands, rubbed around to distribute, then "Pet" onto your rabbit in general.  With most parasites, daily to twice daily applications may be necessary to gain full help - and always work with your veterinarian to monitor success and responses.

Cats:  For most cats, use of Away RTU Drops will be to the ears twice a day.  Many times, this will be for ear mites.  Please make sure you have worked with a veterinarian to accurately diagnose ear mites - generally with an ear smear evaluation - as some itchy and dirty ears can be a result of food intolerance in cats.  We would hate for you to treat your cats ears as if they have ear mites - when you truly just needed to change the diet!  Away RTU Drops should NOT be diffused, used with Litteroma, or generally used in water-mists or shampoos.  For these situations, we recommend the use of the original Away (neat undiluted blend).

Although it would be safe to mist a cat with a water mist of the Away RTU Drops blend - this application method would be much less strong in concentration, as well as we find that most cats just don't appreciate being misted.  We always attempt to make the applications of essential oils as happy and well accepted as possible.  You can certainly use your discretion on if your cat would be accepting of a spray, if you find yourself in need of it - but most of the time, we attempt to select other "cat friendly" products and methods instead.  I suggest applications of KittyBoost.

For all cat issues, I would suggest using Away RTU Drops along with KittyBoost (as well as diffusion and Litteroma) - for the most success with your support.  Away RTU Drops can be used in a petting method to apply to cats in general as well.  

Since 2015, Away RTU Drops have been used in all sorts of animal species for ear mites, and other annoying insects.  The videos below are from clinical trials involving kittens with ear mites.  The kittens ranged in age from 2 months to 4 months of age at the start of the study.  We found Away RTU Drops to be highly effective, and did not produce additional irritation to the ears (keep in mind, most ears that have an ear mite infestation are already quite irritated and inflammed).  To be most effective, we recommend applying twice a day to the ears for at least 7-10 days.  Then, you can re-evaluate the burden of mites with your veterinarian, and see if it is appropriate to reduce application frequency to every 1-3 days until all mites are eliminated by the body.  We also recommend applications of KittyBoost to the body of the cat every 1-3 days - as ear mites live over the entire body of a feline.  With several weeks application, elimination of the ear mites has been reported from kittens, cats, dogs, ferrets, and rabbits.

Away Shampoo:  

While you most certainly "could" make a shampoo recipe with Away RTU Drops in a pinch, I still would recommend that you create it with the original Away (which is undiluted).  See the Away Product Page or our Shampoo Directions Page for more information!

NEW FORMULATION!!!  Available starting August 28, 2019 - 2mL bottles & Samples only... 

Ingredients above DO reflect new formula!

This video shows a control ear mite, which is within only Fractionated Coconut Oil on a microscope slide - and is still quite active after several hours.

‚ÄčHorses & Large Animals:  These animals can still use Away RTU Drops - however you still may wish to stay with the original stronger Away in many situations.  I might use the Away RTU Drops when I know for sure I need diluted Away blend, or when I am specifically treating delicate areas of a horse or other large animal, such as the ears or on really irritated gnat bitten areas.  The bonus is that the Fractionated Coconut Oils within Away RTU Drops - adds extra "hang time" - and so when you are busy and do not want to mix up some of our Away Spray mixed into Coconut Oil - you have an easy alternative that can fit into your pocket!

Just as with Away, Away RTU drops contain several unique ingredients that increase its ability to eliminate odors and repel insects.  Eucalyptus citriodora (also called Lemon Eucalyptus) is an essential oil from Australia, which carries well known constituents that repel insects, including PMD (p-Menthane 3,8 diol).  Catnip oil is also showing great interest in the world of insect repellents, however both essential oils carry properties that are rivaling DEET!

Away RTU Drops is NOT for Diffusion - as it contains Fractionated Coconut Oil (which is not great for your diffuser!)

If you want to diffuse Away - please diffuse the original formula!

This video is of the ear smear taken approximately 24 hours after application of Away RTU Drops directly to the kitten's ears.  While the other videos had the solution applied to the microscope slide containing the ear mites - this video shows the results of "in vivo" use of the Away RTU Drops.

NO...We do not reveal the exact concentrations found within Away RTU Drops!  That is what we term "proprietary information"... However, you can be assured it is at the level that we find most effective for use, as well as the safest within our veterinary hospital and work with Veterinary Aromatic Medicine!

In our use of Away (the neat, undiluted blend - there were plenty of instances where we might recommend the dilution of the product - for different purposes.  One thing I noted along the way - is that "Math is Hard"... Let's face it - dilution mathematics is just not in everyone's wheelhouse!  And even for certified aromatherapists - if I throw out "how do you make a 5% blend, and what does that mean?" - the answers were not only varied, but many were actually incorrect.  My goal with the use of essential oils with animals - is that there are no mistakes, and therefore no reason for more hype and bad reputation based on improper use.  So - when Away has proven to be really helpful for ear mites (as well as other critters) - we really don't want anyone messing up a concentration that they are placing into a cat's ear!

Away RTU Drops is already perfectly diluted for most of your needs.  A super convenient fact!  Most busy veterinarians do not have the time to be blending, and diluting, transferring into bottles, labeling, etc...  So when your patient wants a natural option for ear mites, you can now just reach to the shelf for Away RTU Drops - instead of having to go through the education, time, and potential error involved!

Dogs:  I'm not going to lie... I'm LAZY!  And if you are anything like me - you like to just grab a bottle of something and use it.  So when I have to "Pet" my dogs with Away - but it needs to be a diluted form of it - I'm now grabbing my bottle of Away RTU Drops!  My main reason to use Away RTU Drops on my dogs, is for insect repelling actions.  Dogs do not have ear mites as often as cats, in fact it is pretty uncommon (unless they are exposed in poor conditions or rescue).  So for the most part, we are talking fleas, ticks, mosquitoes...  Right before my dogs go outside, I am applying several drops via Petting, to all the main areas of concern.  I can even smear the Away RTU Drops on myself - so that mosquitoes aren't carrying me away while I wait for my precious fur kids to poop!  If you prefer to make a water-mist or shampoo - we still recommend using the directions on the original Away Product Page.    

Remember, Away RTU Drops are not for diffusion as they have coconut oil within them!

For the Petting Technique - place 3-5 drops (or more) of Away RTU Drops into your hands, rub them together until a light coating remains, then pet onto the areas of need.  For insect repellent; I often rub around the "ankle" area of my dogs, since ticks will often contact this area first, as they start to climb up the legs.  I also rub down the legs, around the neck, shoulders, rump area, and back.

This video is immediately after application Away RTU Drops to ear mites on a microscope slide.  The ear mite is twitchy and less coordinated.

Please make sure to consult with your veterinarian for an accurate diagnosis - and to discuss if the use of Away RTU Drops is right for you.  Please work closely with your veterinarian to monitor responses and for recommendations on length of applications.

This video is taken several minutes after application of Away RTU Drops to ear mites on a microscope slide. The ear mites show much more debilitation.

Ingredients:  Fractionated Coconut Oil, Essential Oils of Eucalyptus citriodora, Catnip (Nepeta cataria), Citronella (Cymbopogon nardus), Lemon Tea Tree (Leptospermum petersonii), Copaiba Oleoresin (Copaifera officinalis)

The "original" Away was created for many purposes, and all encompass the word "Away".  Bugs go "Away", smells go "Away", and negative energies can also go "Away"!