Evict & Evict RTU Drops - Read about Evict HERE.  Read about Evict RTU Drops HERE.

Oust & Oust RTU Drops - Read about Oust HERE

Read about Oust RTU Drops HERE.

For every order over $100 - you will get a

FREE set of  animalEO Wbits***

Zingiber Dream - Read about Zingiber Dream HERE!

You are welcome to add other (regular priced) oils to your BRIGHT FRIDAY Sale order!

SORRY - RAW is completely SOLD OUT!

Even though I mention caution with Diffusion - the Bug Blend "EVICT" - below is a HUGE Favorite of mine to diffuse!  Don't miss adding that to your cart for another diffusion option!  Oust is also for Diffusion! 

(NOT the RTU versions - those are NOT for diffusion)

Enchantment Hematite Roller Ball SOLD OUT


​Red Aventurine SOLD OUT

Rose Quartz SOLD OUT

Sodalite SOLD OUT

​Tiger Eye SOLD OUT

Read about each NEW LITE blend on its product page by clicking on the name below!

Any-Itis LITE

AromaBoost LITE

Boost in a Bottle LITE

Dog Breath LITE

KittyBoost LITE



Save 30% on NEW BLENDS!!!

Enchantment Metal Roller Ball SOLD OUT

Amethyst Roller Ball SOLD OUT

​Carnelian SOLD OUT

Crystal SOLD OUT

​Fluorite SOLD OUT

Green Aventurine SOLD OUT

RAW Hematite Roller Ball SOLD OUT


Red Aventurine SOLD OUT

Rose Quartz SOLD OUT

Sodalite SOLD OUT

Tiger Eye SOLD OUT


Go ahead - snuggle with your baby - AND smell great!

SORRY!  Exhale is SOLD OUT!!!

SORRY!  Gingerbread Doghouse is SOLD OUT!!!

***Eligible orders must be placed between December 7th, 2018 9am CST and ending at 9pm December 14th.  The total of the order, minus shipping fees will determine eligibility for the FREE OFFER.  One 6 pack of Wbits (Water Bottle ID Toppers) will be automatically included within your shipment for EVERY order over $100.  All products (including regular and wholesale priced items) are eligible for this offer.  If you would like to get multiple sets of Wbits - these are also available for sale above.  Thank you!  

SORRY!  Zingiber Dream is SOLD OUT!!!


We have 15 new products we are rolling out for our BRIGHT FRIDAY Sale this year!  Available only in a 5mL bottle at this time - we have put all of the new blends on SALE for you!  Supplies may be limited - so some stock may sell out.  The Sale will run from 9am Central Time on December 7th to 9pm Central Time December 14th.  We ask that you do not request that we combine orders during our BRIGHT FRIDAY Sale.  Due to high volume of orders, it can be difficult to coordinate special requests.  While we will combine multiple orders shipping to the same location when possible, please do not count on this, nor make special requests until December 15th. 

Please feel free to order multiples of the sales items!

RAW Metal Roller Ball SOLD OUT

Amethyst SOLD OUT

Carnelian SOLD OUT

​Crystal SOLD OUT

Fluorite SOLD OUT

Green Aventurine SOLD OUT

Return Policy

All returns must be pre-authorized by animalEO and Crow River Animal Hospital.  Please include a copy of the original invoice with any return.  Please email us at CrowRiverAnimalHospital@gmail.com with a subject of "ORDER ISSUE" to obtain return authorization.  Sample sizes are NOT available for return.

Any products that were received from animalEO in a damaged or defective state must be reported within 10 days of receipt.  animalEO will replace a product that was received damaged or defective and reported within 10 days with an exact product replacement only.  Damaged products may be requested to be returned to animalEO and Crow River Animal Hospital - and in these cases animalEO will issue a pre-paid shipping label for you to return the well-packaged items via the United States Postal Service Priority Mail in a small flat rate box.

Items in new, un-used, and un-opened condition may be returned to animalEO and Crow River Animal Hospital within 30 days of purchase for a refund. Samples are not available for return.  This refund will be issued as a refund through PayPal (original payment source) minus a 10% re-stocking fee.  No refunds will be issued for any outdated, used, or damaged items (except for items that were received damaged and reported within 10 days of receipt).  No refunds will be issued for shipping charges, and you will be responsible for all shipping charges to return the item in good condition.  We suggest using Priority Mail so that packages can be tracked and insured.  animalEO is not responsible for any returns that are lost or damaged during return, and all items must be received in new condition.

There is just nothing BLACK about our Holiday Sales! 

Regardless of a slight delay - we are ready to rock and roll for our 2018 BRIGHT FRIDAY Sale!!!

Friday December 7th to December 14th!!!    Starting at 9am Central Standard Time!  (and ending at 9pm CST)

This year - all U.S. orders qualify for $4.99 Flat Rate Shipping!  AND...



Lukas & Berube RAW and Enchantment are two NEW - LIMITED EDITION Human Fragrances!  These come in a 9mL Roller Ball applicator - AND have the option of a CRYSTAL Roller Ball!  Yes - you read it right!  We found some pretty cool Gemstone Roller Ball inserts - so for a limited number of Roll-On's you can select your favorite Crystal!  

Options for Roller Balls include:

Metal - this is the basic roller ball.

Crystal - Known as the master healer, crystal has a universal energy that cleanses and amplifies the energy of other stones.  Helps balance energy between mind, body, and spirit.  Clear in color, crystal may have bubbles or ripples.  Chakra:  Crown.

Amethyst - Associated with bravery, sobriety, and calm.  Strengthens the mind and aids contemplation.  Helps control thoughts and quickens intelligence.  Amethyst is a purple quartz crystal.  Coloration varies throughout a single crystal.  Known as the bishop's stone because it was worn by many clergy members to protect them from evil influences.  Chakras:  Third Eye, Crown.

Rainbow Fluorite - Its bands of color can aid many Chakras at the same time.  Protective, stabilizing, and harmonizing.  Calms the mind to help release suppressed emotion and aid free thinking and meditation.  Rainbow fluorite has bands of green, blue, violet, and white.  Chakras:  All upper chakras.

Sodalite - Brings calm and clarity.  Aids self-understanding and self-expression.  It can help with group work and clairvoyance.  It can come in many colors, but the most commonly known is blue with white veins.  Chakras:  Throat, Third Eye.

Rose Quartz - Gentle, soothing energy that opens the heart to every kind of love and helps heal emotional wounds.  Attracts romance and relationships.  Promotes emotional balance and self-esteem.  Soft pink color that is usually semi-translucent but can vary in opacity.  Chakra:  Heart.

Green Aventurine - Known as the stone of opportunity.  Brings good luck, prosperity, and opportunity.  Helps develop optimism, decisiveness, leadership qualities, and new growth.  Aids both physical and intellectual development.  Light to dark green in color with sparkling inclusions that are known as "aventurescence."  Chakra:  Heart.

Tiger's Eye - Strong energy that promotes strength, protection, and grounding.  Focuses the mind and dispels fear.  Amplifies the energy of other crystals.  Yellow-brown in color with a chatoyant surface.  Associated with Sekhmet, the Egyptian goddess of strength.  In some parts of the world, it is supposed to ward off the evil eye.  Chakra:  Solar Plexus.

Carnelian - Enhances passion, love, and desire.  Strengthens family relationships and friendships.  Attracts prosperity, good luck, ambition, motivation, creativity, and confidence.  Color varies from orange to red.  It is a quartz crystal whose coloring is caused by iron oxide inside the stone.  Often associated with the heart.  Chakra:  Sacral.

Hematite - Protective, grounding, calming.  Absorbs negative energies.  Most popular color is silver-black, but it can vary from black to reddish brown.  It is a highly dense iron oxide.  Chakra:  Base.

Jasper - Both Red Leopard Jasper - aids in physical healing and balance within the body.  And Brecciated Jasper - aids strength, vitality, and focus.  Chakra:  Base.

Red Aventurine - Increases enthusiasm for life, reduces lethargy, and gives stamina and strength.  Increases creativity.  Chakra:  Base. 


Exhale - Read about Exhale HERE - then add one (or a few) to your cart!

We are very sorry - but BRIGHT FRIDAY Sales packages will not be available for International Shipping to locations other than Canada.

Thank you for your understanding!!!

Go to the THIS PAGE for more information on Canadian ordering during the BRIGHT FRIDAY Sale!!!


We will do our best to get all shipments out as fast as possible - and hope to have tehm to you in time for the Holidays!  If you have a critical date that an order must reach you by - please let us know within our Facebook Group - as well as email us at CrowRiverAnimalHospital@gmail.com with a large ORDER ISSUE in the subject line.  Make sure to include the accurate name that is on the order, and your needs!  We will make every attempt to make sure packages that are required to be in a location by a certain date - ARE!

Be SURE to scroll to the bottom - to see all of the SPECIALS! 

Sales prices are only reflected if you add them to your cart from this page!

SORRY - Away RTU Drops are SOLD OUT!

Make it BRIGHT every day!!! 

December 7th to 14th, 2018!!!

Gingerbread Doghouse - Read about Gingerbread Doghouse HERE!


Sometimes - you just need something lighter!  We are happy to find that sometimes in our veterinary work, we simply can use less, and be just as effective!  And for some animals - many things can be simply overwhelming for them.  Now - many of our popular blends now come in a LITE version.  The same great oils, some added special features - all with new ratios to make them incredibly acceptable while still effective!

SORRY - Enchantment is completely SOLD OUT!

Away RTU Drops - Read about Away RTU Drops HERE.


Sometimes you just feel like you should wear a protective netting all over yourself!  Our new bug blends give you more options to explore what works best for your geographical region or specific type of bug!