Sometimes, you just need Strength

Quite by accident, we discovered another wonderful way to use Charming.  Often in our work with behavior, training, emotional concerns, and energetic clearing - we will combine or layer the use of several essential oil blends which contribute in a variety of ways to the emotions.  As three of our animalEO blends have been created for our own family members (Lovely for me, RoseRamie for Ramie, and now Charming for Reiker) - it seemed very appropriate to use all three of these together during one of our family "oil sessions".  What resulted was something quite spectacular.  We dropped equal numbers of drops of each blend into our hands, rubbed them together and inhaled.  The immediate feeling of strength, confidence, and increased energy and light was so apparent.  Truly magical.  

We call this mixture - STRENGTH - and it is the blend that I now feel is my husband's blend.  Truly the strong backbone of our family - my husband contributes integral insight into the emotional and ethereal use of essential oils.  Sometimes, it is just hard to describe the emotional responses that essential oils can bring - and certainly it is harder to transpose these feelings from human to animal and visa versa.  Sometimes, the feeling just has to be experienced - and this is certainly the case with Charming and Strength.  Strength - which contains equal parts of Lovely, RoseRamie, and Charming - is NOW available as of January 1, 2016 - in its own separate blend!!!  Please CLICK HERE to see the Strength product page.

The difficulty in creating his blend, is that one of his favorite oils has always been Balsam Fir.  So, I was convinced that his blend should contain that particular essential oil in his honor.  However, try as I might - no blend containing the "Balls and Fur" (as his 5 year old brain misunderstood the name to be) - was "right".  I actually created over 7 versions of the blend, before finally giving up and just letting my creative juices flow.  My husband noted how much Reiker loved the scent of Spearmint whenever it was used - and the idea blossomed!  Evergreens and Spearmint - absolutely wonderful!  It was instantly perfect - and Charming is an amazing blend that is more than just a wonderful scent.

Naturally, when we create a new blend, we often do not know its full potential.  With Charming, this has certainly been the case.  Of course, we wanted a scent that my son really loved.  But, he also has challenges with over-stimulation, sensory overload, and has been placed on the Autism Spectrum through school.  To me, he is a "little boy genius" - far past his age in intellect and "worldly knowledge" - and essential oil use has been incredibly helpful in our journey through life's adventures.  My hopes had been that this blend would also help him through his frustrations that occur in daily life.

As all of our essential oil blends are well used in our home, with our animals, children, friends and their animal relations prior to being "brought to the market" - we have gotten some amazing insight on just what Charming was "meant" for.  Not necessarily a scent that I expected animals to be drawn to initially - it seems that when it is applied to a human working with an animal - there is an amazing amount of confidence and emotional support that follows.  One little Chihuahua, had really disliked human interaction and would often bite at those trying to help it at an animal shelter.  When the handler applied Charming to herself, the little dog jumped up into her lap and responded completely differently than it ever had before.  Definitely emotional strength, confidence, and stress relief is a huge function of the Charming blend.

For those of you who are energy workers, you'll find Charming a great compliment to your work.  We often use oils to aid in animal communication, Reiki sessions, T-Touch, Healing Touch and more - and Charming fits into this category perfectly.  Diffusion of Charming is a wonderful thing for humans and animals alike - both emotionally and physically.  With both Charming (and Strength described below) - having the blends absorbed into your hands while you perform energy work, chiropractic adjustments, acupressure, massage, aura stroking, or other forms of energetic exchange - will often result in responses that are just "different, powerful, and magical".  We urge you to try it! 


Ingredients:  Essential Oils of Black Spruce (Picea mariana), Spearmint (Mentha spicata), Blue Cypress (Callitris intratropica)

The Charming blend was created for my son Reiker - and is likely one of the blends I had the most difficulty in creating.  As my daughter had a blend named after her- RoseRamie (her name is Ramie and she loves Rosemary...) - my son felt left out that he did not have his own blend.  When I asked him what we would name his blend...he instantly came up with Charming.  Charming indeed!

Directions for Use:

Charming is wonderful for diffusion and can be used with water-based diffusion with all animal species.  In general, 4-6 drops are added to a 8 oz (1 cup) batch of diffusion water.  More or less may be desired based on individual preferences.  Water misting of this blend into the air can also be used as desired.  Although not typically used in direct topical applications with animals, humans may wish to wear this blend as a fragrance that is safe for use around animals as well.

The essential oils within Charming not only smell great, but also have benefits of cleansing the air, opening airways, freshening rooms, lifting spirits, and providing confidence, centering, and emotional strength that can reduce stress, anxiety, and help to clear emotional traumas.

Birds & Exotics:  Charming is appropriate for water-based diffusion around all species of animals.  At this time, we do not recommend tenting or diffusion in close confinement with this blend.  Charming is also appropriate to be worn by the animal's human - even during close contact.

Cats:  With cats, Charming can be diffused as described above, in a water-based diffuser or misted into the air.  Topical applications are rarely indicated with cats - and we recommend that the human working with the cat wear Charming or "pet" the oils onto their clothing to impart the effects to their feline friends.

Dogs:  Again with dogs, diffusion is a wonderful selection for using Charming.  It can also be misted into the air when mixed with water in a glass spray bottle - when a diffuser is not available.  The human working with a dog is also a wonderful "diffuser" for Charming.  Often times before working with a troubled dog or animal, we will apply a few drops of Charming to our heart areas (after rubbing them around in our hands), and then I also rub the remainder on our clothing.  Many times, the dog may want to lick our hands after the oil has absorbed for a few minutes.  If they want to do this - it is just fine - and some dogs just can't seem to get enough.  While there are many physical benefits to the oils within Charming - we mainly use it for emotional support.  For dogs who are more accustomed to essential oil use - the blends can be applied via the Petting Method when diffusion, misting, or human diffusion has provided help, but just has not been "quite enough" for the animal.  Most often, we will place 1-2 drops into our hands, rub them together until the blend is completely absorbed to almost completely absorbed, and then we pet the chest and heart area most commonly.

Horses & Other Large Animals:  Charming can basically be used as described for dogs.  However, with larger animals - we do tend to use the Petting Method a bit more often.  Diffusion can be difficult to achieve, although human diffusion or a Water Mist into the air can be very helpful in exposing larger animals to the emotional benefits that essential oils can provide.