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Have an Order Question?

Please email us directly at with a large subject such as ORDER ISSUE.  This helps us to see your communication a lot easier than our "Suggestions" form.  If you need to change anything regarding an order - make sure to email us immediately and also include your first and last name of the "ship to" address you used for your order.  Most often, we search our emails by last name prior to shipping, to check for any related communications.  Sometimes orders process quickly - so if you do not contact us within hours of your order being placed, it may be shipped as is.  

Our Contact Information:

animalEO Essential Oils for Animals

Crow River Animal Hospital, LTD

1969 County Road 5 SW

Howard Lake, Minnesota USA 



Please Note:  We do not have regular office hours to handle customer service calls.  Currently, due to high call volume our voicemail is often full - and we do not recommend calling by phone.  We do not offer product advice or veterinary consults by phone.  Please use the Facebook group for questions regarding products and product support. 

If your matter pertains to an order, or requires more immediate attention, please make sure to email us directly at with a large subject "ORDER ISSUE" - and make sure to include all your name information from your order.

Have a Question about Products?

As much as Dr. Shelton would love to answer your questions personally, her busy schedule does not always allow for one on one information exchange.  To be able to help as many people as possible, most questions are best addressed in the animalEO Facebook group. CLICK HERE to request to join the animalEO group!  

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Suggestions for animalEO?

Please note...if you have questions about what to use for your animal - please request to join our Facebook group HERE first!