Lavandula angustifolia

Australia.  A gorgeous Lavender from the land down under.

This Lavender is not easy to find, nor is it readily available in the retail market.  It will be available as a single, only when surplus amounts are available.  We find it one of the best suited Lavender oils for use with animals.  


Helichrysum italicum


An amazing oil that contributes to many healing properties.


Hyssopus officinalis


German (Blue) Chamomile

Matricaria recutita


This dark blue oil is simply divine!  Highly anti-inflammatory it also is calming, soothing, and just plain wonderful!  Great for skin conditions and for attention and emotional issues.  If you have never experienced is a must have in my opinion!

Lime, Cold Pressed

Citrus aurantifolia


This Lime oil is Cold Pressed so it retains more of the plants natural chemicals - however this does mean that it is photosensitive.  Do not apply to skin within 12 hours of sun exposure.  For some in aromatherapy, the complete Lime Essential Oil is preferred to the Steam Distilled - however cold pressed oils can spoil faster, and refrigeration and proper storage is recommended for the longest storage potential.  Most cold pressed oils have an average shelf life of 1-2 years.

ATTENTION!!!  Due to the purchasing habits during this Corona Virus time - we will be halting sales of single essential oils until further notice.  
We have noted an increase in purchases, which puts our product line at risk.  We also greatly recommend the use of 
blends in place of single essential oils - if you are looking to purchase a certain individual oil - please look towards our blends which contain your ingredient of interest.  Thank you for your understanding!  PLEASE NOTE - if you have a specific essential oil that you use regularly for care of your animal - please email us at
Essential oil singles such as Cistus and Copaiba will still be made available for the time being.


Myrtus communis


Used to support the liver, prostate, thyroid, for respiratory concerns and more.


Commiphora myrrha


My favorite Myrrh that I have found!  Myrrh is reported to have benefits to the Thyroid system and is especially thought of for skin.

Single essential oils are desired by many people for a variety of needs - from cleaning creations to home crafts and recipes.  Although we urge you to use the specially created blends and products for your animals, we feel it is important to provide access to high quality single oils that are appropriate for use in animal homes.

For additional information on the properties of various single essential oils - we recommend reading various books such as The Animal Desk ReferenceEssential Oil Safety by Tisserand & YoungThe Practice of Aromatherapy by Jean Valnet M.D.Medical Aromatherapy,  The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils, or Advanced Aromatherapy by Kurt Schnaubelt.

While no book is perfect, and the world of essential oils is continually changing and growing - these books, as well as many others will give you a nice platform for understanding individual properties of essential oils beyond just our website.

In general - single oils will not have instructions for their use.  These are purely provided for your own personal creations or household applications.

Mandarin, Red

Citrus reticulata


Coming Soon!

Grapefruit, Pink

Citrus paradisi


Grapefruit essential oil is high in the constituent Limonene, which is researched for many health benefits.  Grapefruit oil contains furocoumarines which are responsible for the photosensitizing ability of this oil.  Avoid applying to bare skin that will be exposed to direct or intense sunlight for 24 hours.  In general, most haired and feathered animals do not demonstrate a problem with topical applications.

Juniper Berry

Juniperus communis


Juniper is often regarded for benefits to the kidneys and urogenital system, benefits to nerves, and for fluid retention.

Laurus nobilis


Return Policy

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Any products that were received from animalEO in a damaged or defective state must be reported within 10 days of receipt.  animalEO will replace a product that was received damaged or defective and reported within 10 days with an exact product replacement only.  Damaged products may be requested to be returned to animalEO and Crow River Animal Hospital - and in these cases animalEO will issue a pre-paid shipping label for you to return the well-packaged items via the United States Postal Service Priority Mail in a small flat rate box.

Items in new, un-used, and un-opened condition may be returned to animalEO and Crow River Animal Hospital within 30 days of purchase for a refund.  Sample sizes are not eligible for return.  This refund will be issued as a refund through PayPal (original payment source) minus a 10% re-stocking fee.  No refunds will be issued for any outdated, used, or damaged items (except for items that were received damaged and reported within 10 days of receipt).  No refunds will be issued for shipping charges, and you will be responsible for all shipping charges to return the item in good condition.  We suggest using Priority Mail so that packages can be tracked and insured.  animalEO is not responsible for any returns that are lost or damaged during return, and all items must be received in new condition.

Lime, Steam Distilled

Citrus aurantifolia


This Lime oil is steam distilled instead of the typical Cold Pressed.  This creates a lovely oil that does not contain the photosensitizing agents that most citrus oils contain.  Bright and wonderful, this Lime is a favorite.  


Zingiber officinalis


Ginger is well recognized as for its anti-nausea effects.  It can be used as a single in cases of extreme nausea, vomiting, or car-sickness.

PLEASE NOTE:  Shipping of single oils is only available for the United States at this time.

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Please allow 3-7 business days for your order to process.

Most packages arrive 1-3 business days after processing.

Marjoram, Sweet

Origanum majorana


Marjoram essential oil is easily one of my favorites.  Just the smell of it makes me smile and want a massage!  Well known as a "muscle oil" - Marjoram also has many other properties including balancing sexual drive, aiding in stomach concerns, balancing the parasympathetic nervous system, as an analgesic, and is also reported beneficial for many respiratory conditions.  


Melissa officinalis

One of the most gorgeous Melissa essential oils that I have found!  Incredible oil!

Melissa essential oil has profound effects in our veterinary hospital - from anti-histamine type benefits, to powerful anti-viral properties.  It also has a very high life force energy and is incredibly uplifting and beneficial to emotions.


Ledum groenlandicum


Ledum is highly regarded for liver benefits.

Single Essential Oils - G to M

May Chang

Litsea cubeba


An uplifting oil, it is reported to have benefits for skin and the cardiovascular system.

Geranium, Bourbon

Pelargonium graveolens


One of the most gorgeous Geranium essential oils, and my personal favorite.  I have used Geranium in many homemade deodorant recipes, and it is an emotionally balancing and uplifting oil.  It is reported to have effects for the Liver, Skin, Pancreas, Hormones, Herpes, and more.

Melaleuca alternifolia

Tea Tree Oil


Although use of this oil can be controversial in the animal world, there are distinct properties that can be incredibly helpful in some situations.  As Tea Tree oil has intense popularity in cleaning products and other household goods, I feel it is important that you have access to a Tea Tree that I feel is safe for use around animals if you select to use it.  This is the best we have ever found, and it has been used in our household, around our animals, and with patients in need of its unique characteristics when other essential oils have failed.


Cymbopogon flexuosus


Lemongrass is a powerhouse for anti-bacterial actions, and is reported to be effective against many resistant strains of bacteria.  It also supports ligaments and the musculoskeletal system.    


Citrus limonum

Cold pressed from Italy.

Lemon (as well as all citrus oils) can be photosensitizing to the skin.  Avoid application to skin that will be exposed to direct or intense sunlight for 12-24 hours.  In general, most haired and feathered animals do not demonstrate this characteristic.