Catnip Essential Oil also has some unique properties, besides just making cats "happy."  Recent research has indicated that it may be more effective than DEET as an insect repellent!  That is why animalEO blends designed for fleas and ticks will often contain Catnip, as well as many other essential oils known for their anti-bug ability.

Happy Cat can be used in several ways:

For Birds & Other Exotic Animals:  Happy Cat is not recommended for these animals at this time, although we are doing current research in its safety and effectiveness for mites, lice, and other unwanted critters!  We recommend using Critter Booster if you desire to use a topical oil product for these species.

For Cats:  I often drip a few drops onto my cat tree, scratching posts, or areas that the cats frequent.  They usually rub themselves all over the area that the drop was applied.  They get happy, rolling around, and often purring.  One of our cats who is a "one person cat" - will allow others to pet and love on him when he is "happy" on Happy Cat!  Placing a drop or two onto bedding or on a cotton ball (100% cotton please) - and placed inside a kennel for a car ride is also a great way to get your cat happy!  You can also place 2-5 drops (or more) onto your hands, rub them together to get a light coating on your hands, and then "pet" and rub the oil residue onto the bedding or blankets your cat uses - so that the effects are more spread out.

Another happy side effect?  Well, when your cat rubs themselves into the Happy Cat drops, they may help themselves avoid insects!  We rarely "pet" Happy Cat right onto a cat - I just don't think it is best for that purpose - and we just don't need to!  The name of the game with cats, is always to do things that they like!  If you want added insect protection for cats, and a topical application of oils - we recommend the KittyBoost.

Happy Cat can also be used in the Litteroma technique, and initial reports show that cats are using the box better or more.  So far, we have not had a cat rub themselves in the box!  So that is a good thing!  But, as more and more cats use Happy Cat in the litter box - we'll be excited to share the results with you!  Click on the Litteroma name (link) to read more about this.

For Dogs, Horses, and Large Animals:  While dogs and other animals are not known to get "happy" from Catnip, they can reap the anti-bug benefits for sure!  Happy Cat is a fine addition to oil products that can be pet onto your dog, horse, cow or other animal to repel flies, fleas, ticks, lice, etc...  However, for this purpose we mainly recommend Away - which does contain Catnip Essential Oil as well as others which have insect repelling essential oils.

Happy Cat

Ingredients:  Fractionated Coconut Oil, Essential Oil of Catnip (Nepeta cataria)

Happy Cat is a really fun essential oil.  It is not really a blend, but a perfectly diluted version of Catnip oil, based on my experience with hundreds of cats and their preferences.  Of course, we all know how much cats are reported to like Catnip, but what about Catnip Essential Oil?

Well, yes, cats do enjoy Catnip oil - but in itself - it is incredibly strong.  Not many cats or humans would enjoy neat Catnip oil!  But when used properly, cats really enjoy this special treat.  Because this product contains Coconut Oil, it is not recommended for diffusion.