Need an extra Animal Desk Reference II book???

This offer is ONLY available for shipping within the USA.

We have a limited number of IMPERFECT ADR II books (The Animal Desk Reference - Second Edition) - which we need to liquidate.  These books may have odd marks on the cover, dented or bent covers, missing cover pages, crooked pages, etc... They are excellent as extra "barn copies", table copies for events, or loaner books to friends.  While I cannot guarantee which type of book you will get, I will still try to make sure you do not receive a completely useless book.  Current pricing on Amazon is over $40... You can get these books for $20 - and we WILL ship these books with oils if you are combining an oil and book order - all for the $4.99 flat rate shipping charges.  All sales are final - and books are "AS IS"...  While some books have very minor issues, some books may not.  We will not guarantee the condition of any of these books - THANK YOU for your understanding!!! 

VALID for USA Shipping addresses and orders ONLY!!!


Thank you for your support!

Dr. Shelton WILL NOT be signing these books... Thank you!