Santalum spicatum


This sandalwood is a great option to the Mysore variety of Sandalwood which can experience unsustainable harvesting practices.

Western Red Cedar - Thuja plicata
Vitex - Chaste Tree Berry - Vitex agnus
Valerian officinalis
Ylang Ylang Complete - Cananga odorata

Patchouli, Dark Aged

Pogostemon cablin


A certain favorite, this is one of my favorite scents!

Orange, Sweet - Citrus sinensis

Australian Peppermint is not available at this while we await a harvest/shipment.  We are unable to estimate an arrival time.

Thank you!

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Rosemary Cineole Chemotype - Rosmarinum officinalis
Thyme, Thymol - Thymus vulgaris
Tangerine - Citrus tangerina

Vitex, Chaste Tree Berry

Vitex agnus castus


Rose, Otto

Rosa damascena


The most gorgeous steam distilled Rose ever!!!  Well worth the price if you have never experienced the difference between a rose absolute, and a steam distilled rose essential oil.  Divine!

Rue - Ruta graveolens
Roman Chamomile - Anthemis nobilis

Thyme, Thymol

Thymus vulgaris


Rosemary, Cineole​

Rosmarinus officinalis


Patchouli - Pogostemon cablin
Sandalwood - Santalum spicatum - Australia

Spruce, Black

Picea mariana


A certain favorite, this Spruce is gorgeous, and will only be available when surplus supplies are available.  It is contained within animalEO products such as New Mobility and the AromaBoost line (#3).


Zingiber cassumunar


An up and coming oil, with great properties.  It appears to be great for inflammation, and more.

Palmarosa - Cymbopogon martinii


Ruta graveolens


Single Essential Oils - N to Z

PLEASE NOTE:  Shipping of single oils is only available for the United States at this time.

NEW!!!  $4.99 Shipping for all U.S. Retail Orders!!! - via USPS Priority Mail.

Please allow 3-7 business days for your order to process.

Most packages arrive 1-3 business days after processing.

Vetiver - Vetiveria zizanioides

Orange, Sweet

Citrus sinensis

Cold Pressed, USA.

Orange essential oil can be photosensitizing.  Avoid application to bare skin that will be exposed to direct or intense sunlight for 12-24 hours.  In general, we find that haired and feathered animals do not exhibit problems with photosensitzation - however, it is still wise to exercise caution.


Mentha spicata


Just YUM!  Spearmint is definitely a favorite scent for us, and is known for a variety of health benefits.


Cymbopogon martinii


Great for skin conditions and more.


Artemisia dracunclulus


Ylang Ylang, Complete

Cananga odorata


Nutmeg - Myristica fragrans
Plai - Zingiber cassumunar


Valerian officinalis


Spearmint - Mentha spicata


Cinnamosma fragrans


A very interesting oil, that we are using more and more.  It is uplifting, and is reported to have viral, bacterial, fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Oregano - Oreganum vulgare
Orange, Wild - Citrus sinensis


Myristica fragrans

Sri Lanka


Mentha piperita


Peppermint oil is a strange beast.  Just when you think you know what you like, you will find variations that render it completely repulsive.  Adulterated, synthetic, and poorly distilled Peppermint oils saturate the marketplace.  I searched far and wide for a Peppermint that I felt was consistent, as well as well suited for use with animals.  This Peppermint is "kind" and "mellow" - but still packs a huge punch.  As this essential oil is not readily available in the retail market, we will only offer it as a single when a surplus of the oil exists. 

Saro - Cinnamosma fragrans

Single essential oils are desired by many people for a variety of needs - from cleaning creations to home crafts and recipes.  Although we urge you to use the specially created blends and products for your animals, we feel it is important to provide access to high quality single oils that are appropriate for use in animal homes.

For additional information on the properties of various single essential oils - we recommend reading various books such as The Animal Desk ReferenceEssential Oil Safety by Tisserand & YoungThe Practice of Aromatherapy by Jean Valnet M.D.Medical Aromatherapy,  The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils, or Advanced Aromatherapy by Kurt Schnaubelt.

While no book is perfect, and the world of essential oils is continually changing and growing - these books, as well as many others will give you a nice platform for understanding individual properties of essential oils beyond just our website.

In general - single oils will not have instructions for their use.  These are purely provided for your own personal creations or household applications.


Citrus tangerina

One of my favorite oils, bright and sunny, with an amazing citrus taste in water and foods!

This oil can be added to drinking water, used to wash produce, or spritzed on greens and foods for animals.  Health benefits of Tangerine essential oil are many - and it is indicated for use with spasm, tumors and cancer, digestive problems, liver problems, parasites, fluid retention, edema, anxiety, obesity, circulation disorders, and depression.  Tangerine is a photosensitizing oil; avoid applying to skin that will be exposed to direct and intense sunlight within 24 hours.

Single Essential Oils:  N - Z

Tarragon - Artemisia dracunculus
Rose Otto - Rosa damascena

Orange, Wild

Citrus sinensis


An amazing fragrance, this Orange is more earthy and "wild" - definitely an oil to experience!  It's gorgeous.

Spruce, Black - Picea mariana

Roman Chamomile

Anthemis nobilis


Roman Chamomile has long been used in the animal world, and even with very delicate species such as parrots.  Known for its wonderful calming abilities, it is also reported to be antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-parasitic. Currently in global shortage, we made a special purchase and have some to share with you!


Oreganum vulgare

Hungary, Turkey.

Western Red Cedar

Thuja plicata


This essential oil is not often used on animals, however many people find it emotionally helpful, and enjoy adding it to soaps and other homemade products.  This one is gorgeous.


Vetiveria zizanioides