animalEO Carrying Case 60 Bottle (5, 15mL)

NEW!!!  Unscented & Window Cleaner options!

Transfer Pipettes - 10 Pack

NEW!!!  Labels for Evict, Oust SPRAY!

Sniff-it for 1/2 inch Collars -Please Select Oil Sample Included

NEW Sniff-its, Mr. Mouse, and animalEO oil options are HERE!!!

Mr. Mouse with Happy Cat oil sample
Sniff-it for 1 inch Collars - Please Select Oil Sample Included
animalEO Brochures

Black with Blue is OUT OF STOCK

​Black with Green is OUT OF STOCK

​Black with Pink is OUT OF STOCK

Labels for your Shampoo!  NEW!!!

These labels will help you identify your homemade Shampoo formulas!  

Select from Away, Calm-a-Mile, Dump-a-Lump, New Mobility, NeuroBalance, Skin Spray Base, & YeastyBeasty!

Miscellaneous Labels
Shampoo Label Options

NEW!  Order replacement Trigger Sprayers for your 4oz Glass Bottles!

NEW!!!  Labels for Away Litteroma &

G.I. Goe Litteroma!

Sniff-it for 1+ inch Collars - Please Select Oil Sample Included
Trigger Sprayer for 4oz Glass Bottle

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Crate Sniff-it with oil sample - Please Select Oil Option Below


The same brochures you may have gotten in a previous order - are now available to add to your orders!

A tri-fold brochure printed on high quality paper in full color.  The brochure includes information about a few of our most popular products and questions.

Other Miscellaneous Labels!  NEW!!!

These labels will help you identify your homemade Toothpaste, Teat Dip, Udder Wash, and more!  

Select from Teat Dip, Udder Wash, Dog Breath for Oral Health, & Dog Breath Toothpaste!

Currently SOLD OUT!

Please Note:  There is a lock button located on the sprayer - below the trigger.  Please make sure your button is in the UNLOCK position, prior to using your spray bottle!

Currently SOLD OUT!

Currently SOLD OUT

Glass Trigger Spray Bottle - 4oz - EMPTY
Spray Label Options H to Z
Spray Label Options A to F
Litteroma Label Options

Labels for your Litteroma

These labels will help you identify your homemade Litteroma litter box additive!  

Select from Litteroma labels to match your batch!  The color of the label matches the essential oil blend used to create your Litteroma!

All-Purpose Cleaner Label Options

Labels for Homemade Cleaner

I love labels!  These labels will help you identify the scent of your homemade cleaner.  

Select from All-Purpose Cleaner labels that say "Homemade with" - Away, Bright & Clean, Citrus Clean, Lemony Sniffet, or Open-Air.  The color of the label matches the essential oil blend.

Spray Bottles - Pump Style - Please Select Size

Pump Spray Bottle - 1 oz & 2 oz Sizes

The best glass bottles and sprayers we have found!

Just like our 4 oz Spray Bottles, these bottles have passed the test of time, and essential oils, within our home and vet clinic.  Ideal for travel or for certain water-based mists - these sizes are convenient to have.  These are the same bottles and sprayers we use for our Canine Ear Spray.

Blue Bottles EMPTY (6 bottles, caps, drippers) - Select Size
Order six blue bottles, droppers, and black caps - Select size below.

Essential Oil Bottles - Blue - EMPTY

These are the same blue bottles used to bottle our animalEO oils.  Available in 5, 15, and 30mL sizes - they hold just over that total volume of fluid when full to the top.

These bottles come with plastic dropper inserts that are ideal for use with essential oils that are diluted in Fractionated Coconut Oil.  

You will get 6 empty blue glass bottles, 6 black caps, and 6 plastic dropper inserts for thicker liquids.

Please note that additional shipping charges may apply, however if we can ship your order for less - we will gladly refund a portion of your shipping fees!

Return Policy

All returns must be pre-authorized by animalEO and Crow River Animal Hospital.  Please include a copy of the original invoice with any return.  Call us at 320-286-3277, or email us at to obtain return authorization.

Any products that were received from animalEO in a damaged or defective state must be reported within 10 days of receipt.  animalEO will replace a product that was received damaged or defective and reported within 10 days with an exact product replacement only.  Damaged products may be requested to be returned to animalEO and Crow River Animal Hospital - and in these cases animalEO will issue a pre-paid shipping label for you to return the well-packaged items via the United States Postal Service Priority Mail in a small flat rate box.

Items in new, un-used, and un-opened condition may be returned to animalEO and Crow River Animal Hospital within 30 days of purchase for a refund.  Samples are NOT returnable.  This refund will be issued as a refund through PayPal (original payment source) minus a 10% re-stocking fee.  No refunds will be issued for any outdated, used, or damaged items (except for items that were received damaged and reported within 10 days of receipt).  No refunds will be issued for shipping charges, and you will be responsible for all shipping charges to return the item in good condition.  We suggest using Priority Mail so that packages can be tracked and insured.  animalEO is not responsible for any returns that are lost or damaged during return, and all items must be received in new condition.

Transfer Pipettes - Bag of 10 - For BLUE bottles...

Have you wished you could refill your animalEO 2mL bottles from a larger bottle?  Well now you can!

These disposable pipettes are chemical resistant, and fit perfectly into the animalEO 2mL BLUE bottles without having to remove the orifice reducer (plastic dripper top).

PLEASE NOTE - these pipettes will NOW fit into the "dripper hole" of the brown (amber) 5/8 dram vials.  Previously they did not, however the amber bottles now come with the same size hole as our blue bottles!

Make sure to squeeze oil into the bottle slowly, and allow a little space for air to escape as you fill the bottle!  

Order twelve 5/8 dram bottles, reducers, and caps for $4.95

Essential Oil Bottles - 5/8 dram Amber - EMPTY

These brown little travel bottles are 5/8 dram size, and hold just under 2 mL of fluid.  Depending on the consistency of the oil - these bottles usually contain between 25 and 40 drops.

You will need to tap the bottom of these bottles to get the oil to come out!  These bottles are slightly smaller than the animalEO 2mL blue colored bottles. These bottles work great for travel or sharing!

You will get 12 amber colored glass bottles, 12 plastic orifice reducers, and 12 black screw caps.

animalEO 2 mL Travel Case!  Holds 12 Bottles!

animalEO branded essential oil carrying case for 2 mL bottles!  Holds up to 12 bottles within the elastic straps.  On the outside is a clear card pocket for business cards or other similar items.

Oils and bottles NOT INCLUDED.

Black Cases available with Hot Pink, Bright Blue, Blaze Orange, Silver, or Apple (Lime) Green printing.

animalEO Oil Travel Case!  Holds 10 Bottles!

animalEO branded essential oil carrying case for 5 mL and 15 mL bottles!  Holds 10 bottles inside the mesh pockets.

Oils and bottles NOT INCLUDED.

This bag is available in Black with Pink, Black with Silver, Black with Orange, Black with Green, or Black with Blue. 

animalEO Oil Carrying Case!  Holds 60 Bottles!

animalEO branded essential oil carrying case for 5 mL and 15 mL bottles!  Holds 36 bottles inside the foam insert, and also has two outer zipper pockets that each hold an additional 12 oil bottles in mesh pockets - for a total of 60 bottles.

Oils and bottles NOT INCLUDED.

This bag available in Black with Pink, Orange, Green, Blue, or Silver printing.

Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO)

The coconut oil that Dr. Shelton uses and recommends for dilution of essential oils.

There are many types of carrier oils (fatty oils) used to dilute essential oils.  Fractionated coconut oil is put through a process to ensure that it stays liquid, and is therefore easier to use as a carrier or for dilution of essential oils.  This oil is safe for ingestion, and is well tolerated by all forms of animals.  As humans can also show sensitivity or allergies with various nut or seed oils, FCO was selected by Dr. Shelton as the most appropriate carrier oil for animalEO.  It is intended for use with essential oils, and not for the health benefits associated with raw, unprocessed coconut oil.  Please Note: The additional costs of shipping these bottles are included within their retail sales price.

4 oz Bottle
Label for Spray Bottles
$0.55 each

Labels for Spray Bottles

Stays stuck to bottles through years of use.  These labels will help you identify your sprayers, and can be washed and exposed to essential oils without damage.  

Select from Away SPRAY, Bright & Clean SPRAY, Calm-a-Mile SPRAY, Clear Sailing SPRAY, Dog Breath SPRAY, Eye SPRAY, Feathered Blend SPRAY, Feathered Plus SPRAY, Flee Bomb SPRAY, Hormone SPRAY, Lavender SPRAY, Open-Air SPRAY, RoseRamie SPRAY, RoseRamie Plus SPRAY, Skin SPRAY, Sunshine SPRAY, and YeastyBeasty SPRAY.  

Spray Bottle - 4 oz

The best glass bottle and sprayer we have found!

These bottles have passed the test of time, and essential oils, within our home and vet clinic.  Many bottles fail - and these get an A+!!!

Sniff-it Collar Diffuser

One of the cutest and most effective collar diffuser I have ever seen!  These attach around your existing collar to allow your animal to gain the benefits of essential oils whenever needed!

Handmade by Blue Sky Prairie Textiles in Illinois, creator Lou Ann has an enormous passion for helping animals, rescues, shelters, and trainers benefit from the amazing effects of essential oils.  She exclusively recommends using animalEO oils with the Sniff-its, and each Collar Diffuser comes with a 0.55mL sample bottle of an animalEO oil!

animalEO Keychain Oil Carrier!  Holds eight 2 mL bottles!

Oils and bottles NOT INCLUDED.

This keychain is available in Black with animalEO printed in Pink, Orange, Green, Blue, or Silver.

Keychain only -  Bottles NOT included

Order Accessories to use with your animalEO oils!

The products we offer are "tried and true"...  They have been used with oils and stand the test of time!

At animalEO - we want to be able to optimize your ability to buy products that help you use your essential oils more efficiently and easily!  These products are some of the ones we can't live without!

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