KittyBoost LITE - Please Select Size

Away RTU Drops

A perfect Ready To Use blend for ear mites and more!

Diluted for convenient and safe use, this blend has been clinically studied and proven for a variety of concerns!

Boost in a Bottle LITE - Please Select Size
Oust RTU Drops - Please Select Size

NEW FORMULATION NOW AVAILABLE!!!  2mL bottles and Samples only!

Lovely NEW FORMULATION - Please Select Size
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YeastyBeasty RTU - Please Select Size

Boost in a Bottle LITE

Our lighter version of Boost in a Bottle - this one is perfect for smaller animals, puppies, or for animals who are a bit more sensitive to oils - while still providing full body support!  

AromaBoost LITE Collection

The most complete essential oil application you can provide to your animal!

This collection comes with one bottle of each formula #1 through #5.

AromaBoost LITE Collection (5 bottles)


Away, Evict, and Oust complete our team of anti-bug blends - but are so much more!

This blend is based in Geranium - which is highly popular in the bug-repellent-recommendation world.  However, many animals are exposed to Geranium in just all of the wrong ways, and in improper concentrations or as a single oil.  Oust corrects all of the Geranium "woes" I've encountered!

Dog Breath - Please Select Size
Boost in a Bottle - Please Select Size
Evict - Please Select Size
Evict RTU Drops - Please Select Size

Gingerbread Doghouse

Diffusion Blend

Yum, yum, yum!  This blend is safe for all animals in your household! 

A blend with ginger, clove, nutmeg, cassia, and all of the "fall spice" your heart can desire!  Ditch the toxic air fresheners and candles - make your house a Gingerbread Doghouse!

Now available in all sizes!  Made with the NEW Away formulation!


Cedarwood oil has become a popular "anti-bug" recommendation, but often without safety, quality, and the addition of questionable ingredients being considered in popular products.  Evict is a cedarwood based blend - and a wonderful addition to our anti-bug, anti-odor, and animal safe line up!

Zingiber Dream Diffusion Blend

Just a dream come true!  Ginger and Key Lime give this diffusion blend an amazing scent profile - while being super therapeutic!  Early reports also support that you will sleep great, and have vibrant dreams!  Safe for all animals in your household!


Please watch for the addition of

Enchantment as a limited special edition in the Summer!

Strength is ONLY available in 2mL and 5mL sizes at this time!

Canine Ear Spray - Please Select Size
Away RTU Drops NEW FORMULATION - Please Select Size
KittyBoost - Please Select Size
Focus - Please Select Size

Dog Breath LITE

A wonderful solution for oral health!

A lighter version of our regular Dog Breath, Dog Breath LITE is so crisp, clean and very accepted by a wide variety of animals!

Please watch for limited edition RAW fragrance this Summer!

New Mobility RTU - Please Select Size
LiverBoost - Please Select Size
YeastyBeasty NEAT - Please Select Size
G.I. Goe - Please Select Size

New Formulation - Now Available!!!

KittyBoost LITE

For those cats who just need a little "less" in life!

The same great oils in KittyBoost - in a bit more mild of a formula.  We find that while some cats may still need a stronger "original" KittyBoost - many cats will prefer this lighter version.  Perfect to try if KittyBoost has been just a bit on the strong side for your feline friend!

Any-Itis LITE - Please Select Size
Flee Bomb Diffusion Blend - Please Select Size
Zingiber Dream - Please Select Size


A fabulous new addition to our diffusion blends that focus on respiratory needs.  Exhale contains many oils known for strong anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties.  This blend is a perfect rotation for cats with Herpes Virus issues, or any other viral conditions such as Canine Influenza.

Exhale - Please Select Size
EIEIO EO - Please Select Size
Away NEW FORMULATION - Please Select Size

Oust RTU Drops

The perfect dilution of Oust for your convenience and safety!

Dog Breath LITE - Please Select Size
Open-Air - Please Select Size

Any-Itis LITE

The lightest version of our supportive blend for inflammation.

Powerful support for inflammation, ideal for very sensitive and small animals.

ChickyWicky - Please Select Size
AromaBoost RTU Collections - Please Select Size
Gingerbread Doghouse - Please Select Size
Happy Cat - Please Select Size
Sunshine in a Bottle - Please Select Size
Calm-a-Mile NEAT Diffusion Blend

NEW!!!  Discount on multiple 2oz bottles!  Buy 3 and Save!

NEW FORMULATION NOW AVAILABLE!!!  2mL bottles and Samples only!

Skin Spray Base - Please Select Size
NeuroBoost - Please Select Size
NeuroBalance Diffusion Blend - Please Select Size
Smooth Delivery - Please Select Size

Evict RTU Drops

A perfectly diluted version of Evict - it is Ready To Use for all of your buggy needs.  An amazing smelling anti-bug, anti-odor, and animal safe blend - we use it for our own "down in the woods, getting eaten alive" prevention!


Our bulk version of Evict - this Cedarwood based oil blend is wonderful to use for mixing up larger supplies of "bug spray" for large farm animals, and even for applications in garden sprayers to your yard and garden!  A complete product page is coming soon - but in the mean time - visit our page for Evict.  Please note - the 30mL bottle size contains a "dropper" - however the 2oz and 4oz sizes are "pourable".

Calm-a-Mile RTU - Please Select Size
Transition NEW FORMULATION - Please Select Size

NEW FORMULATION NOW AVAILABLE!!!  2mL bottles and Samples only!

Udder Vitality - Please Select Size
Oust - Please Select Size
CritterBoost - Please Select Size
SugarBalance - Please Select Size
Dump-a-Lump - Please Select Size
UroBoost - Please Select Size
Litteroma ThyroidCat - Please Select Size
Litteroma SugarCat - Please Select Size
Litteroma SmellyCat - Please Select Size
Litteroma LiverCat - Please Select Size
Litteroma KidneyCat - Please Select Size
Litteroma AllCat - Please Select Size
RoseRamie Plus - Please Select Size


A supportive blend for proper digestion, processing of energy, and sugar handling. Perfect support for those with Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, and more!

Smooth Delivery

Not just for pregnancy, delivery, and babies...

This blend was created for all animals anticipating the cycle of life, but in emotional "re-birth" this blend can also lend amazing, it just smells divine!

RoseRamie Plus

Additions of Frankincense, Helichrysum, Copaiba, Palmarosa, and Myrrh essential oils to our RoseRamie blend makes this blend even more supportive of skin healing and regeneration. 


Part of our Body System Boosts - NeuroBoost contains additional essential oils that specifically support and target neurologic health and healing.  


                 Diffusion Blend

Diffusion is a powerful way to expose animals to the benefits of essential oils.  NeuroBalance is a combination of the essential oils that Dr. Shelton saw most beneficial to animals experiencing neurologic based symptoms due to trauma, injury, inflammation, infection or with conditions such as Seizures or Vestibular Disease.

Litteroma ThyroidCat

Cats and Thyroid disease seem to go hand in hand these days.  Litter box chemicals and artificial fragrances have been implicated in this epidemic - so why not eliminate the toxic items in your litter - and replace them with Thyroid supportive essential oils!  A purrfect solution!

Litteroma SugarCat

Part of the Litteroma Series - SugarCat provides additional support to proper sugar handling and supports diabetics and the issues they are prone to develop.

Litteroma SmellyCat

Sometimes you just can't help it.  You are a Smelly Cat!  Litteroma SmellyCat combines odor eliminating essential oil blends with those that are beneficial to the Gastrointestinal System.  Great for cats with diarrhea, gas, smelly stools, vomiting, nausea, and other G.I. concerns.

Litteroma LiverCat

Part of the Litteroma series - LiverCat provides additional support for those cats who need additional support for their liver and structures related to the Hepatic System (Gall Bladder, etc...)  A wonderful and easy way to layer additional benefits to your existing health regimen!

Litteroma KidneyCat

Part of the Litteroma series - KidneyCat is specially formulated for those cats who need additional support of their Renal System.  Just add to the litterbox - it couldn't be easier.  Read how with the link below!

Litteroma AllCat

Supportive for All Cats!  This blend is so simple to use - just add it to your Kitty Litter Routine!  AllCat supports Thyroid, Liver, Kidney, Heart health, the reduction of inflammation, and all of the basic things that cats are prone to in life.  Tiny additions of Catnip Essential Oil - helps to promote litter box use!


Enhances focus and motivation, while also grounding and stabilizing.

A combination of essential oils that aid in oxygenation, concentration, and overall brain function and focus - this blend is perfect as an aid for dogs, horses, and other larger animals who are in training or competition.

Flee Bomb Diffusion Blend

A healthier alternative to chemical insect sprays and "bombs".


A blend of all of the essential oils Dr. Shelton saw helpful to lumps, bumps, warts, cysts, and tumors we would rather not have associated with the skin.


Keep Chickens and others healthy with this water additive!

Boost in a Bottle

Similar to the AromaBoost - in ONE convenient bottle!  Wonderful for travel, uncooperative animals, or for those who need a bit of a milder approach to whole body support. 

Udder Vitality

Keep cows and other milk producing animals vital and healthy!


The perfect blend to support Kidney health and function, and the entire Urologic System.

YeastyBeasty RTU

A wonderfully soothing and effective blend to massage into yeasty, itchy, and irritated areas.  This blend also helps to brighten and eliminate saliva staining that comes with chronic licking and chewing.

YeastyBeasty NEAT

An undiluted version of YeastyBeasty RTU - this blend is intended to be added to therapeutic shampoo recipes, water-mists, or to be used by experienced aromatherapists to achieve desired concentrations and dilutions.


The ideal blend to support Cardiovascular health, blood pressure, and all heart conditions.

CardioBoost - Please Select Size


A perfect blend to support normal Thyroid function and levels.

ThyroBalance - Please Select Size
Any-Itis NEAT - Please Select Size
Any-Itis RTU - Please Select Size
Aqua-Add - Please Select Size
Citrus Clean - Please Select Size
Bright and Clean - Please Select Size

Bright & Clean

A clean scent specifically blended to add to cleaning products.  It provides powerful antimicrobial properties while being affordable - AND safe for animals!

Citrus Clean

A clean scent specifically blended to add to cleaning products.  It provides powerful antimicrobial properties while being affordable - AND safe for animals!


An effective blend for all things "hoof."

Powerfully antimicrobial with support for inflammation, circulation, and repair of musculoskeletal structures.  Horse to Elephant, hoof to toenail - HardyHoof is a must have for large animals. 

HardyHoof - Please Select Size


A perfect blend to support the Liver and all of its functions.

Charming - Please Select Size


A blend that is just as "charming" as my son! And with just as much wonderful energy!

This blend was named by my son, and created fully with him in mind. What we found after the blend materialized, is a powerful sense of strength, confidence, and clearance of negative energies with its use.

Clear Sailing NEW FORMULATION - Please Select Size
Feathered Blend NEAT - Please Select Size
Feathered Plus NEAT - Please Select Size
Hormone Blend - Please Select Size
Lemony Sniffet Diffusion Blend - Please Select Size
New Mobility NEAT - Please Select Size
RoseRamie - Please Select Size
Warmth Diffusion Blend - Please Select Size
AdrenoBalance - Please Select Size


The ideal blend to support Adrenal health and function.


Steam distilled Lime with just a hint of Peppermint!  Fresh and bright!

This blend is wonderful "just because"!  Diffused it is absolutely delicious and safe for all animals in any household.  Humans enjoy wearing it as a wonderful, and animal safe scent!

Return Policy

All returns must be pre-authorized by animalEO and Crow River Animal Hospital.  Please include a copy of the original invoice with any return.  E-mail us at to obtain return authorization.

Any products that were received from animalEO in a damaged or defective state must be reported within 10 days of receipt.  animalEO will replace a product that was received damaged or defective and reported within 10 days with an exact product replacement only.  Damaged products may be requested to be returned to animalEO and Crow River Animal Hospital - and in these cases animalEO will issue a pre-paid shipping label for you to return the well-packaged items via the United States Postal Service Priority Mail in a small flat rate box.

Items in new, un-used, and un-opened condition may be returned to animalEO and Crow River Animal Hospital within 30 days of purchase for a refund.  Sample sizes are not available for return.  This refund will be issued as a refund through PayPal (original payment source) minus a 10% re-stocking fee.  No refunds will be issued for any outdated, used, opened, or damaged items (except for items that were received damaged and reported within 10 days of receipt).  No refunds will be issued for shipping charges, and you will be responsible for all shipping charges to return the item in good condition.  We suggest using Priority Mail so that packages can be tracked and insured.  animalEO is not responsible for any returns that are lost or damaged during return, and all items must be received in new condition.


Energy, Love, and Light combine in this blend of pure Strength!

Wonderful for diffusion, as a human cologne, and to bring Strength and emotional support to all animals.

PLEASE NOTE!  This page is for United States orders ONLY - via USPS Priority Mail.

NEW!!!  $4.99 Shipping for all Domestic U.S. Retail Orders!!!

Please allow up to 3-7 business days to process your order.

Most packages arrive 1-3 business days after processing.

New Mobility NEAT

Every amazing oil you could ever want for Musculoskeletal issues!  In an undiluted blend.

Great for Large Animals or when custom dilutions are needed.

New Mobility RTU

A Ready To Use blend with every amazing oil needed for muscle, nerve, bone, and joint conditions!  Every Musculoskeletal concern!

A master blend of the perfect oils, in the perfect dilution, to aid in all Musculoskeletal concerns.


An amazing blend for diffusion, especially supportive for all respiratory conditions including Aspergillosis, Kennel Cough, and more!

This blend was created specifically for respiratory issues in animals, but smells absolutely wonderful as a basic diffusion blend for your home!


A great blend for wounds, insect bites and stings, skin, diffusion and more!

A must have oil blend for every home!

Skin Spray Base

An amazing base of Helichrysum, Frankincense, Copaiba, Myrrh, and Lavender - used to make your own skin spray.

Have every "expensive" oil available whenever you need them!  A must have for hot spots - for sure!  A few drops go a long way when you make your own water based misting spray!  PLEASE NOTE - this product does not arrive as a spray, but as a base that you will use to create your own skin care application!

Sunshine in a Bottle

Can you bottle Sunshine!  I say YES!  Diffusing this blend is simply exquisite, not to mention that it is probably the most important preventive blend you can use!

Citrus Oils, Frankincense, and Copaiba!  Yes, you can have it all!


Animals can go through many Transitions in their life journey.  This blend is an incredible support to all changes.  Based heavily in Rose and Frankincense, this combination is a must have. 

This blend is a powerful connection for all things spiritual, emotional, and energetic.  It can aid greatly with euthanasia situations, grieving, emotional concerns, and support of life-force.

Warmth Diffusion Blend

A warm blend of essential oils, calming and reassuring, with a great scent.

Essential oils within this blend are showing great benefits with anxiety and more!

Lemony Sniffet

Diffusion Blend

A great blend to have your home smelling great, without harming your animals!

A wonderful Lemon scent - safe for all animals.

Feathered Blend NEAT

Our most popular recipe for birds, already mixed and ready for you to add to water!

Every bird should be able to experience the benefits of this amazing spray!

Feathered Plus NEAT

All of the benefits of the Feathered Blend, but with added Helichrysum, Frankincense, and Copaiba for even more powerful benefits!

G.I. Goe

Definitely one of the best blends of animalEO! Indicated for all Gastro-Intestinal concerns.

The benefits of G.I. Goe just keep revealing themselves!  When we accidentally used this blend as a muscle rub - WOW!

Happy Cat

Let your cat be happy!  Catnip essential oil is a special treat!

A wonderful way for your cat to get happy!  Use on a cat tree, or on a cotton ball inside a kennel during travel!

Hormone Blend

A must have for hormonal concerns and behaviors - especially recommended for companion birds!

Excessive egg-laying, screaming parrots, cranky mares, and more!


The quintessential essential oil application for cats!

Almost every condition you ask me about for a feline, will contain the response of using a KittyBoost!  Not only is it effective, but cats love it. This veterinary formulation carries years of clinical safety data, blood monitoring, and case studies.


Just plain Lovely - need we say more?

A great smelling blend that helps cold extremities, circulation, and auto-immune sort of conditions.  Wonderful as "human cologne" - and just watch the compliments pour in!

AromaBoost RTU Collection

The most complete essential oil application you can provide to your animal!

This collection comes with one bottle of each formula #1 through #5 (in the size you select), as well as a bottle of Fractionated Coconut Oil.  6 bottles total are in the collection.  If you happen to run out of one particular formula, individual 15mL bottles are now available on the Product Page.


Mild and gentle - yet oh so powerful!  Designed for all sorts of critters, from birds to rabbits.

Dog Breath

A wonderful solution for oral health!

A Ready To Use solution!  Rub onto the gums of your dogs and see the amazing benefits of essential oils - great for gingivitis, dental disease, post-extraction healing, bad breath, and more!

Any-Itis RTU

A pre-diluted blend for all forms of inflammation and arthritis.  Ideal for smaller animals, oral administration, and topical uses.

An amazing blend expertly mixed and diluted to be accepted and effective by many animals!  Powerfully anti-inflammatory, yet virtually tasteless!  Ideal for animals under 35 pounds. 

Clear Sailing

A blend designed to be uplifting while still calming and relaxing.

Especially wonderful for diffusion, and with any species of animal.  Rose oil contained within this blend, gives a wonderful emotional energy to many situations.  Contained within blends, this is a much more affordable way to have exposure to Rose's amazing energy!

Calm-a-Mile NEAT

Diffusion Blend

An undiluted version of Calm-a-Mile created specifically for diffusion.


A blend ideal to keep odors and insects AWAY!

Great for diffusion, water misting, in laundry, and for insect repelling needs with dogs, horses, cows, and other large animals.


A blend ideal for addition to aquariums and water sources for exotic animals.

Any-Itis NEAT

A blend for all forms of inflammation and arthritis.

Created especially with Copaiba, Helichrysum, and Peppermint Essential Oils - Any-Itis NEAT is a powerful blend mainly intended for dogs, horses, cows, and other large animals.

Canine Ear Spray

A spray designed for canine ear conditions.

Spray 1-3 pumps onto the ear flap area, and the area around the entrance to the ear canal, once to twice a day - or as instructed by your veterinarian.  This product is not intended to be poured into the ear canal.  Discontinue use if skin becomes red or irritated.  Always consult with a qualified veterinarian for appropriate duration and response.   

Calm-a-Mile RTU

A blend created to support balanced behavior and a calm state.

Appropriate for use with dogs, cats, horses, livestock, birds, and exotics. Since this blend is diluted in Fractionated Coconut Oil, it is not ideal for diffusion. 

Our Mission...

It is our goal at animalEO that each product will have a large amount of education and directions provided for their use.  Unfortunately - this means that the majority of instructions cannot be placed on a small label on a bottle.  We urge you to always read the product description and instructions on this website for the products you purchase - these will help to instruct you on the use animalEO Essential Oils for the species you have in mind.  We are constantly striving to provide innovative ways to educate you - not only on the products you have purchased, but on the health concern you may be having with your animal.  The most successful way to health for your animal - is to also correct any underlying causes to an illness.  We want you to be successful, not only with essential oils, but with the health of your animal!

Our Products...  Our Education...