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Because any change can be a Transition...

This blend is helpful for loss, grief, but also the basic changes that animals can experience in our home.  Leaving a litter, shelter, adding a family or herd member, having a surgery, or experiencing an emotional trauma...all can be supported with Transition.

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G.I. Goe

A top oil to have on hand!

This blend is perfect for all gastrointestinal concerns - helpful with car sickness, vomiting, diarrhea, colic, and more.

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Fleas are a common complaint, with no easy solution.

Read this past newsletter from September 5, 2014 regarding the difficulties with treating flea infestations.  Once your animal "has" fleas, gaining control over the situation can require a lot more diligence.

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Learn about keeping fleas, ticks, and other bugs off of your animal friend!

Read a past newsletter from June 13, 2014 on Away Essential Oil blend.  With ingredients researched to be more effective than DEET - and with powerful odor eliminating abilities - Away is a blend no one should be without!

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The must have emergency oil!

Read a past newsletter from June 20, 2014 on Cistus Essential Oil.  An amazing oil for hemorrhage, clotting, and bleeding disorders.  You should have this oil, BEFORE you ever need it.  From spay surgeries, horse castration (gelding), or an ear hematoma - this is information you need to read!

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Read a past newsletter from June 6, 2014 on the KittyBoost for cats and more!  KittyBoost is indicated for almost every feline condition:  fleas, ticks, arthritis, skin conditions, allergies, rodent ulcers, dental disease, FORL lesions, stomatitis, cancer and tumors, ear mites, upper respiratory infections, Herpes virus, autoimmune conditions, and more!

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