Lukas & Berube RAW

Animal-Safe Human Fragrance

Ingredients:  Fractionated Coconut Oil, Essential Oils of Copaiba Oleoresin (Copaifera officinalis), Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin), Wild Orange (Citrus sinensis)

Hopefully this got your attention!  What about Phototoxicity with citrus oils?  You may have heard that all citrus oils are photosensitizing, but that is only true to a certain extent.  Some oils are used regularly in skin oriented products - and even some that are photosensitizing can be used in proper percentages on the skin.  Read here a blog from a well-respected Aromatherapy School - Citrus Essential Oils:  Avoiding Phototoxicity.  While there does not appear to be direct information on "Wild Orange" - it is suspected to be much like the other Citrus sinensis in properties.  AromaWeb also has information on Phototoxicity HERE.  I would exercise some caution if you plan to do some intense sunbathing or lay in a tanning bed - and not apply your new scent right before intense UV exposure.  But, for the most part, you should be quite safe with the amounts of Wild Orange present within RAW.

Patchouli is one of Gregori's favorite scents - so we knew we would add this to his special blend.  Patchouli can be a bit overwhelming of a scent, but is also so worth while when added correctly to a fragrance.  Adding it to Copaiba Oleoresin AND Wild Orange - just literally made it so amazing.  Softened and brightened, it was surprising to me when people who normally hate Patchouli actually said that they could smell the Patchouli within the blend!  I certainly can smell it - but I think it is just that the overwhelming "hippy smell" was now alleviated!  As a person who loves Patchouli, I also fully realize it should be done right!  Patchouli offers up its own set of remarkable physical and emotional properties too!  it has long been known to nourish and repair skin, but it is also good for nausea, vomiting, hypertension, and for calming effects.

The SOLUTION to Smelling Nice!

Everything within animalEO is about the animal.  Putting the animal FIRST - is not just a slogan - it is our way of life.  When we need something in our life, chances are you need something in your life too!  So - fragrance was on our hit list for our friends, and for my own teenagers!  For everyone else who also want good smells in their life - without compromising their animals health - I hope we have an answer for you!  animalEO is proud to bring you two "Human Fragrances" that are safe for humans and animals - that we enjoy ourselves.  I actually took a natural perfumery course in England, just so I could learn more about this subject.  My kids want nice smells.  I want smells I can tolerate.  I want smells that also don't hurt the fur kids!  I can tell you as a smell sensitive person, when others are wearing animalEO oils (even animal blends as fragrance - lot's of people do!) - I can actually enjoy it!  I hope you enjoy Lukas & Berube RAW or our other Human Fragrance Enchantment.  They will be release for Bright Friday - December 3rd to 10th, 2018 - and for now, as a limited edition.  Others are likely to come - and we hope that this can support greater health for your animals, yourself, and your loved ones! 

Please Note - Lukas & Berube RAW will also be available through

Lukas & Berube Healthy Pet Markets!!!

Wild Orange - there is not much else I can tell you about Wild Orange than this simple statement...  "If you have not smelled it yet, you just HAVE TO!"  Not like your typical orange you are used to - this orange has an earthy quality to it - it is just so delicious, whenever we bottle it our mouth waters and we start dreaming of licking the pipette!  Don't worry - we don't...that would just be unsanitary!

Wild Orange has much the same properties of other orange oils.  Orange oil is very high in Limonene which is one of the most researched essential oil constituents.  Anti-cancer, antibacterial, anti-fungal, uplifting, anti-depressant - all qualities have been linked with citrus oils and Limonene.  But of course, it is never just Limonene alone that contributes to the plants therapeutic properties.  The whole of the plant is truly greater than the sum of its parts.   

Limited Edition!


Please do not apply the Human Fragrances directly to your animals.  They were not created with their delicate smell preferences in mind.  Humans want to smell this way - not your dog.  While it is just fine for them to cuddle with you, even lick you if they want, or come away smelling "RAW"...we still do not recommend purposely applying to your animal.  This is why the Human Fragrances are within Roller remind you - it is for skin.  Thank you!

You can read more about my personal motivation for creating Animal-Safe Human Fragrances on the Product Page for Enchantment...  However - RAW was created out of a love for one of my very good friends - Gregori Lukas of Lukas & Berube Healthy Pet Markets.  Gregori and his partner Marc are CHAMPIONS of Raw and Species Appropriate animal nutrition.  The work they do to get out the wonderful information and messages that truly save animal lives - is nothing short of remarkable. 

When Gregori paid a visit to animalEO Headquarters, I thought it would be fun to create custom blend just for Gregori!  But of course, it was not to be "just for Gregori"!  My daughter loved it, my son loved it, I loved it...and soon we were mixing up batch after batch - and giving it away to friends.  It didn't take us much time to notice, that humans want to smell good - and be super safe around their animals!  And if their fragrance can be acceptable for those with sensitivities, safe for animals cuddling with them, and maybe even beneficial to their OWN health - this is a huge winning situation!

We named Gregori's blend RAW because he is so dedicated to the proper and often RAW feeding of animals!  And, he also got a Kick-Ass RAW tattoo across his knuckles while celebrating his birthday with us!  So it seemed entirely appropriate!  A RAW fragrance.  No harmful chemicals.  No preservatives.  No artificial scents.  It's RAW and beautiful.  Earthy & Grounding, but also Uplifting!

Here's the break down of the essential oils within RAW: 

Copaiba was chosen for its insane anti-inflammatory characteristics, but this time the Oleoresin version was selected.  Oleoresin is tapped directed from the tree, and does not go through further steam distillation.  This leaves  the heavier diterpenes (a constituent class of essential oils) within the oil.  The significance of this, is that more of the plants chemicals are available to us - and since they are heavier molecules - they actually will act as a base for the perfume - and a "fixer" if you would.  The thick property of this oil - will allow for the fragrance to be present longer, and not evaporate away as quickly.  Also - Copaiba was especially selected as Gregori has had a neck injury in the past, and so while wearing his special cologne - could experience some massive benefits from the Copaiba essential oil as well.  There is so much research on Copaiba - read HERE.