Other Situations to Use Smooth Delivery:

I will often use Smooth Delivery similarly to my use of Transition - which you can read about HERE.  Emotions that are associated with "new life" - such as an adoption, babies leaving mom, spay or neuter surgeries, and basically anything "new" - respond great to the diffusion of Smooth Delivery! 

Perfect for Diffusion

Smooth Delivery is a wonderful blend for diffusion.  The oils within the blend not only bring a calm, confident state - they actually loan various beneficial physical properties to the entire reproductive process - from supporting muscle relaxation and proper function to normalizing hormone balance.  

Deliveries Happen

No matter what field of animal care you are in - you are bound to be involved with a "special delivery" in one way or another.  Rescue groups take on pregnant moms, birds lay eggs or may become egg bound (whether the eggs are fertile or not), farm cats deliver in your barn, veterinary clinics manage pregnancies, deliveries, and c-sections... Even the humans in the home may have a baby someday!  Smooth Delivery was created for my clients who were dealing with an impending birth - but emotionally it can also be used to support calmness, and a "new beginning" to emotional rebirth.  

Not Just for Babies!

Remember - you don't have to have young animals or pregnant animals to diffuse Smooth Delivery.  I recommend this blend for animals beginning a new life (even as a senior) or for those who need a "re-birth" from old emotional patterns and habits.  And, I like to diffuse it just because I love the scent!

Timing and Frequency

Smooth Delivery can be diffused prior to pregnancy, during pregnancy, or in anticipation of impending birth.  We have had animals use it in many different ways, and all seem to reap the benefits.  One pregnant dog seemed to relax and enjoy the water-based diffusion of Smooth Delivery so much, that it was diffused every day of her pregnancy and into delivery and beyond.  With one cat, the blend was only diffused once labor was noticed, and it did appear to calm the mother, and allow for a very "smooth delivery" of all kittens.  And in another situation, Smooth Delivery was used for a dog experiencing a difficult labor and delivery, and it did appear to help support proper uterine contractions, aid in delivery, and also benefited dog and owner with calming effects.

As Smooth Delivery contains many of the oils we would refer to as "life force oils" - especially Frankincense and Rose - it can also be used to stimulate and support babies born by c-section or fading kittens, puppies, or other animals.  Often times, just water-based diffusion is used for these situations - but we have also misted baby blankets, bedding, or toys directly for additional exposure and support.

Directions for Use:

Birds & Exotics:  Smooth Delivery is best used in a water-based diffuser.  In general, 1-4 drops can be added to 8 ounces of diffusion water, however some people prefer a higher concentration.  Please read more about Diffusion HERE.  For birds and exotics, water-based diffusion will be the best route of exposure.  You would also be fine if you desire to wear Smooth Delivery as a human perfume or cologne, and it is entirely safe to do so around these delicate creatures.  Direct topical application is not recommended for these species, except where guided by a veterinary aromatherapist. Where a diffuser is not available - a water-mist can also be prepared with Smooth Delivery, and can be misted into the room air, on furniture, or other bedding materials.  You may make your water-mist in any desired strength - remembering it is not intended to be sprayed onto an animal - however, most people find around 20 drops per 4 ounces of distilled water to be desirable.

Cats:  For cats, water-based diffusion is again the preferred method of exposure to Smooth Delivery.  A water-mist spray can also be utilized in the room, on humans, or on bedding as described for Birds & Exotics.  It is a rare situation where we might apply Smooth Delivery topically to a cat - and typically when they are having a very difficult delivery, and about to require a C-Section.  You should be seeking veterinary attention if you feel that a cat is not delivering properly, however while we are examining or prepping a cat for surgery, we have used Smooth Delivery with diffusion and on area bedding - and then if the cat seems to be responding well, a more aggressive topical petting application will be used.  I will place 2 drops into my hands, rub them together until basically absorbed completely, then pet the cat over the ribs, belly, and body areas.  Usually, I am avoiding directly placing my hands into their face or by their nose, however some cats start to rub and seek petting with our "essential oil hands".  During a difficult delivery, we can re-apply or refresh the various application methods which expose the animal to Smooth Delivery, mainly on an as needed basis.  If an animal appears to have an easier time with labor after a petting application, or during diffusion, and then the effects appear to wear off - this is a perfect time to expose the animal to the essential oils again.  With most "re-applications" - whether by diffusion, water-misting, human wear, or petting - I will usually attempt to use the least amount of essential oil possible, and in the lightest application methods first, before moving towards more aggressive means.

Dogs:  For dogs, again water-based diffusion is the preferred method of exposure.  Human diffusion and water-mist sprays can also be used around the pregnant and delivering dog, as described above for Birds, Exotics, and Cats.  Again, some choose to diffuse throughout the entire pregnancy, where others select to diffuse only during labor and delivery.  All of these methods can be effective, and it can just vary with your particular dog and with individual responses.  Mainly when I am coaching a pregnant dog, I will select water-based diffusion of Smooth Delivery as often as the household desires - but for sure when labor begins.  Humans or bedding materials can also have Smooth Delivery applied to them if it seems acceptable to the dog.  I would not want to mist a dog's "nesting bedding" where they are selecting to give birth - if for some reason the dog did not like the scent and wanted to avoid the bedding.  So experimenting with bedding that is not the labor site, and well ahead of the delivery event is a great idea.  We have used Smooth Delivery "all of a sudden" when a dog is having a rough labor - but typically I want to make sure the event is well prepared for and not overwhelming to a dog who may be completely new to essential oil use.

Horses & Large Animals:  With these animals, it is unlikely that we will be able to diffuse on a regular basis with them.  Water-misting into the air of a stall or onto bedding, blankets, halters, and lead ropes are great ways to expose these animals.  Human wear is also used.  Petting is one of the main methods used - placing several drops into the palms of your hand, rubbing together, then petting (these drops do not have to be completely absorbed) the chest, back, and belly area.  This can be repeated throughout the pregnancy, or just during labor and delivery as you see fit for the individual.  In general, I am not applying more than once a day for the time period before labor and delivery.  But, as described for dogs and other animals above, we can apply a bit more often if it appears helpful and necessary during a delivery.  Often we find babies respond well to having the additional Smooth Delivery in their environment as well.  The additional oils that increase life force (Rose, Frankincense), nurture maternal bonds (Myrrh, Rose, Roman Chamomile), ease stress (Lavender, Bergamot), etc... are incredibly supportive to a healthy and happy transition into life.

Smooth Delivery


Essential Oils of Roman Chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile), Orange (Citrus sinensis), Frankincense (Boswellia carterii), Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens), Palmarosa  (Cymbopogon martinii), Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides), Rose (Rosa damascena), Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha), Clary Sage (Salvea sclarea), Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata), Marjoram (Origanum majorana), Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), Bergamot (Citrus bergamia)