Cabreuva:  Newer to our line-up of essential oils, we've been evaluating this oil further in our veterinary clinic for quite some time.  It contains high levels of Nerolidol which is being shown in research to enhance the absorption of other beneficial essential oils and constituents.  As a mild and very animal appropriate oil, addition of this oil into a diffusion blend, may enhance deeper penetration of the therapeutic properties we desire in all of the other parts of the blend!

Copaiba:  If you've followed me for any length of time, you'll know that I feel Copaiba is worthy of being in almost everything!  With huge safety margins, and a long term use record - Copaiba is also incredibly mild in taste and odor.  It is as close to an ideal animal essential oil as it comes!  There is likely not enough words for this short paragraph to wrap up all that Copaiba can do, and all that research is continuing to reveal!  So go to the Copaiba Page HERE - and read more about this anti-inflammatory, gut-protecting, AMAZING essential oil!

Animals and Photosensitivity:

With proper recommended use of veterinary created essential oils, animals have not demonstrated the same photosensitivity issues that humans have.  While Zingiber Dream is not designed to be applied topically to animals - we do realize that some humans might try applying it.  During our Minnesota winters, we don't see enough intensity of the sun to cause issues with photosensitizing oils (although I would still exercise caution!).  We urge everyone to make informed decisions on what they do, or do not do with essential oils - especially if you are using them outside of the "traditional product recommendations"...  

What if an Animal Wants to Lick It???

There are more circumstances with Applied Zoopharmacognosy (self selection) where we might see animals actually WANT to ingest and lick a certain oil.  With Cats - this is especially

becoming common with Lime Essential Oil and Lime based essential oil blends!  When an animal clearly indicates to you that they would like to lick the essential oil bottle, or your fingers that have essential oils on them - it is fine to honor this.  As long as you have animalEO oils - you can be assured that every oil within an blend has been selected knowing that an animal might ingest it.  Whether through routine grooming, or by accident - all of the oils within animalEO are selected with ingestion in mind - even if it is not always the intended route of use for the blend.  So...if they show you they want it - go ahead!  Let them!

Zingiber Dream™ Diffusion Blend

Ingredients:  Essential oils of Key Lime (Citrus aurantifolia), Ginger (Zingiber officinalis), Cabreuva (Myrocarpus fastigiatus), Copaiba (Copaifera officinalis)

Zingiber officinalis is the scientific name for Ginger, and when Ginger is combined with Key Lime - the result is a DREAM come true!  When I came across Key Lime Essential Oil (this is an expressed oil) instead of your basic, regular ol' Lime Oil (which is still super fabulous) - I fell in love!  I knew I wanted to make a new blend for diffusion based on this slightly different Lime oil.  

Safe for all animal species in the home - Zingiber Dream is intended for diffusion using water-based diffusion.  This blend has a bright and uplifting scent, so clean and energizing!  Through Applied Zoopharmacognosy, Lime oil is often selected by cats, especially when they were in need of support of their liver.  Cats often love Lime-a-Mint, so I wanted to offer another Lime based option, that could impart great benefits for the whole household!  

When Might You Select This Blend???

Besides for pure enjoyment alone, I might select this blend for conditions such as liver support, gastrointestinal issues (nausea, diarrhea, vomiting...), respiratory conditions (collapsing trachea, laryngeal paralysis, asthma...), as a rotation with Lime-a-Mint, for any inflammatory conditions (especially in sinuses, eyes, respiratory tract...), to fight "crud" in the air and give an uplifting feel to the home - and so much more!

These are "regular" limes - Key Limes tend to be smaller in size, thinner skinned, with more seeds and more intense flavor and aroma.  Key Limes are yellow when ripe.

The Ingredients*...

Yes, you read correctly.  Cats often "select" Lime Essential Oil when given the opportunity.  But if you have searched anywhere regarding Essential Oils and Cats - you will find all sorts of warnings about Cats and Citrus oils.  Well, this is just false information actually - based on massive over-doses with the chemical constituents extracted from Citrus oils; not from the proper use of these oils in general.  Please READ HERE if you would like more information on the "Cat Controversy" and why Veterinary Aromatic Medicine is showing not only safety - but HUGE health benefits to the proper use of Veterinary Grade Essential Oils (not every oil should be used with animals, even if it is on a "safe" internet list!).  Zingiber Dream gives you another healthful option to replace toxic candles, plug-ins, and air fresheners!

Key Lime:  A smaller more potent Lime, this essential oil just has a fabulous odor quality to it - maybe the reason why we love Key Lime Pie so much!  Lime oils in general carry a lot of Limonene - the "evil" chemical component that was used in massive amounts to kill fleas on cats...  But Limonene is not evil!  It is one of the most researched chemical constituents of essential oils, and is found in many oils actually.  Limonene is being researched for properties that are anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, analgesic, antibacterial and more!  Lime is a great scent that smells clean, but actually aids in cleansing the air around you!  Emotionally, it is uplifting and energizing!  Almost everyone loves the smell of Lime!

Ginger:  Well regarded for its gastrointestinal benefits (both as an herb and an essential oil).  Ginger is reported to ease

nausea, aid in digestion, create warming effects and increase circulation, is anti-inflammatory, and so much more!  Ginger is

often under-valued for its wonderful help to the respiratory system - and while diffusion can still affect the digestive system,

you'll find a new found love for Ginger for all sorts of respiratory concerns!

Directions for Diffusion of Zingiber Dream™:

Diffuse this blend within a water-based diffuser as desired.  At this time, we do not recommend "tenting" an animal with this blend.  Zingiber Dream is safe for all species within a home - as long as safe and recommended diffusion guidelines are followed - see HERE for more on diffusion.

This blend is not always as intense in odor.  Cabreuva and Copaiba within this blend, are very mild in odor.  So while they contribute their amazing therapeutic qualities, they will also "dilute" intense odors a bit.  Which makes it PERFECT for animals - just not always what humans addicted to artificial and "extended" fragrances are used to.  Natural scents shouldn't be over-powering for the most part.  They should be enjoyable, and not linger for days in your home.  Manipulation of odor is what the air freshener and candle industry do to make customers happy.  Humans demand that scents be created that smell like cookies (not a natural scent unless you are actually baking cookies!)...  And not only do humans want to smell the cookies, we want to smell them strongly, and for a long time.  This is only achieved through nasty and toxic chemicals and artificial enhancements of fragrances - which more and more scientific evidence is confirming the harm that this does to the animals living in our home.  Bottom line - bring nature indoors!  You'll all be healthier for it!    

Water Misting:  

If you do not have an essential oil diffuser - you can still add Zingiber Dream to distilled, reverse osmosis, or bottled spring water for use within a water spray.  Colloidal Silver is also a great carrier "water" for many essential oil sprays and water mists.  In this situation, we are not recommending water-misting onto an animal.  Zingiber Dream within a water-mist can be used on dog bedding, dog beds, inside your car interior, when a diffuser is not available (misting into the air in general), and also onto items you just want to smell great!  The concentration (how many drops you add to a certain amount of water) - can really be up to you.  Just make sure that whatever you spray is okay with not only the water being misted onto it, but any residual color the essential oils may still carry.  Make sure you test the spray out on your own bedding or pillow before insisting your dog lays on a bed or is in a crate with bedding sprayed with Zingiber Dream.  It is one thing for the house to smell great, and another to be forced to sleep with your head on a pillow loaded with a scent that may be overwhelming!  I love essential oils - but I do not always want an intense smell on my sleeping pillow!

In general - I might add between 20-30 drops of Zingiber Dream to a 4oz bottle of water.  However, you can adjust it to your own personal tastes!  The stronger the concentration, the less "pumps" you might have to spritz into the air for effect.  There is no right or wrong, and if you want a lighter scent, spread over a larger area, then use more water and less essential oil, and just spray more!  Shake the bottle before each spritz use - and if it is not strong enough for your purposes, just add some more drops.  Easy as PIE!  Key Lime Pie that is!!!

Can you apply Zingiber Dream topically???

At this time, we do not recommend it.  While there are reasons you may want to provide topical exposure to the oils within the blend to your animal - there are other blends which are formulated for appropriate topical applications.  We always recommend that you honor the original intention of our blends, so that they can do their job in the most ideal ways!  If you want topical gastrointestinal support - then use G.I. Goe.  If you have a cat - use KittyBoost, or any of the body system boosts such as AdrenoBalance, ThyroBalance, NeuroBoost, UroBoost, CardioBoost, LiverBoost, or SugarBalance.  Certainly DIFFUSE Zingiber Dream for anyone in the home you would like these properties for - or for just a fabulous scent - but please do not re-create the wheel!

One thing to note caution on - is that Lime oil can carry photosensitizing properties to it.  This will not be a problem with diffusion - but if you are one of those humans who likes to rub oils on themselves (raise hand...guilty here)...Just note that you should not apply most citrus oils where skin will be exposed to direct or intense sunlight within about 12 hours of the application.  You could end up with some unsightly discolorations of your skin!  Because this Key Lime oil is "expressed" and not steam distilled (as one of our other Lime oils) - it will retain it's photosensitive qualities.